How to stop needing the approval of others

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Hi there!

A confession: I used to be an approval-holic. I have vivid and occasionally embarrassing memories of bending over backwards (metaphorically!) to please my boss, my colleagues, even my dog (I’m not kidding). I still succumb to my former addiction every now and then, but through an intensive process called ‘trial and error’ I landed on a few tips and tricks that helped me to no longer need the approval of others. And oh! The freedom of being able to shape your life and career in a way that feels delicious to YOU is … well, it’s wonderful.

In this episode of InklingTV, I share these tips with you. Tune in below:

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So: here’s to stopping the compulsion to ask everyone’s opinion before making a decision. Here’s to choosing, where possible, to make choices that are OURS. And, of course, here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead!

With love,
Gemma Munro and the Inkling team


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