Why we need to quit talking about balance

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We recently asked over 100 women what they would ask for if they had a fairy godmother who could grant them any wish. Unsurprisingly, the second most common wish was for more time, and let me tell you; I get it. This is something that I have personally struggled with for many years! I was always seeking greater work/life balance.

This was until I realised that having a “lack of balance” in my life was just another thing I was beating myself up for not doing well, and that this was causing me more pain and frustration. I saw more and more in the work I do that NO ONE has perfect balance all the time. Life is changeable and so we simply cannot have perfectly balanced lives every day of the year. This is when I changed my mindset. Tune in below to learn my tips for how to do this and create a greater sense of calm in your life.

NOTE: you may need to pop on headphones because it does contain some strong language!

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“Embrace the beautiful mess that life is and stop expecting it to be perfectly balanced” @InklingWomen #InklingWomen

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