How to increase your presence (part 1)

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If I had a Haigh’s Dark Fruit and Nut Block for every woman who told me they want more confidence when speaking – whether it is to an audience of 2 or 200 – I would be a very happy lady…… with a very full pantry!

Below are goals I regularly hear from women in our programs:

  • Improve my confidence in high pressure situations
  • Increase my impact, so I influence and persuade others to achieve excellent results
  • Become an invaluable leading voice within my organisation
  • Feel comfortable and assured in myself

Do any of these ring true for you? In the next two episodes of Inkling TV I share our top tips to build POWERFUL presence so you can fulfill your potential in situations where you want to have impact.

If you know someone who also wants to build powerful presence please share this video with them.

Much love,

Soph and the Inkling Women team

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