How to increase your presence (part 2)

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It never ceases to amaze me that such extremely capable, confident and inspiring women can lose all their confidence and self-belief when asked to stand up and speak in front of a group. It strikes me because there is ABSOLUTELY NO LOGIC behind it.

I am currently waiting for my flight back home after four days of working with an incredible group of women to increase their influence, impact and presence at work. These women are ‘kind of a big deal’; they are incredible leaders, wise, inspiring, intelligent and powerhouses in their organisation. So why, when I asked them to stand up in front of each other and present did the room fill with anxiety, tension and fearful looks?

The funny thing is that while I am perplexed to observe it in others, I experience it myself when speaking at conferences and large events. When I started facilitating a number of years ago, I most definitely experienced it. BIG TIME. Like, not sleep the night before, practise for hours and hours, stress unnecessarily that I would fail. Over time, with a whole lot of practise I have learnt that I CAN do it, and often do it very well. So why did I put myself through that unnecessary worry, which often resulted in me not bringing my best self to situations?

Tune in this week to learn some of the tips that I have used over the years to get me through the times I felt nervous, but wanted to have incredible presence. My ‘fake it till you make it’ tips, if you will.

If you know someone who would benefit from these tips, please share this video with them.

Much love,

Soph and the Inkling Women team

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