Inkling Women to help fast-track entrepreneurs into U.S. through accelerator program run by KPMG and Advance (Demo)

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DR Gemma Munro from Adelaide-based training provider Inkling Women is ready to conquer America.

Inkling Women has just been selected to take part in elevate61, a program to help Australian entrepreneurs fast track their growth into the US market.

The Eastwood-based training provider, specialising in gender diversity, was one of 11 Australian businesses hand-picked for the accelerator program run by KPMG and Advance.

Dr Munro will take part in a three-day workshop in Sydney in April to undergo mentoring and coaching on how to pitch to investors in the US market. This is followed by a 10-day intensive session in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York with a rare opportunity to meet with potential investors and clients.

“We already know investors in the US who have told us we’re just what the market needs and they want to help us,” Dr Munro said.

“Not to get too ‘woo-hoo’ about it but the road has been lined with serendipity, we have a sense this is meant to happen, and we’re going to keep working incredibly hard.

“Our mission has always been to ensure women hold 50 per cent of senior leadership roles globally and now people have our back to make it happen.”

Dr Munro, a finalist in the Telstra business women of the year awards, said she planned to open a San Francisco office for Inkling Women after completing the elevate61 program.

“We’ve been working with large-scale American organisations already, with their Melbourne and Sydney offices, so it does feel like a logical next step to work with their head offices in the US”, she said.

Dr Munro started Inkling Women in 2011 after leaving a career in management consulting.

The successful business works with large-scale global and national organisations to increase their percentage of female leaders and develop women’s capability and confidence to step into more senior roles.

“What sets us apart is that our training generates real results, women’s

confidence rises exponentially, as does their ability to stand up and speak up and lead and we also have an impact on the organisations who we work with,” she said.

“Organisational culture is a slow moving beast but we’ve had one client who recently upped their targets for women in leadership because the program we’ve been running has been so successful — things like that have been a real win.”


As published by The Advertiser, 8 March 2016. Written by Kylie Fleming.

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