How to limit unhealthy stress behaviours

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Hi folks,

Our 2017 motto at Inkling is: do less, achieve more. After a crazy couple of years of growth, we are planning to focus this year on how we can make our lives easier and more fun, but still have the same impact. We will be focusing on automation, systems and online delivery.

We will be assessing everything we do against this motto and calling each other out when we are not living this. It helps when making a decision if we ask ourselves: is it a HELL YES? If it isn’t, then it’s a HELL NO, and we don’t do it.

Just last week we crossed a program off the list because it simply felt too chaotic. It felt good, damn good. I highly encourage you to try it some time!

Stepping into the CEO role this year, I caught myself falling into an old pattern of stress behaviour that I thought I had conquered. It reminded me that it is completely normal to feel stressed when we start something new and challenging. How we respond to the stress is very important and can be the difference between success and disaster.

In the latest episode of Inkling TV I share some research on the two behaviour patterns that emerge when we are stressed. Tune in below to identify which pattern you adopt and how to get yourself out of any negative stress reaction.

We are looking forward to sharing 2017 with you.

Much love,

Soph and the Inkling Women team

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