Grow your career at Inkling and create meaningful, impactful change.

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We are here to make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Drawing on our global reach and local knowledge, we work together to design impactful, innovative and inspiring learning experiences that move our participants, our clients and our world into the future.

We have been on our own journey of evolution since being founded in 2011 and we are known for our expertise in leadership, diversity, inclusion and psychological well-being. Today we are meeting the ongoing and ever-changing needs of our clients with a focus on driving sustained individual change and bringing organisational culture to life through our high impact, flexible and scalable programs.

We pack a lot of punch for a small management consulting team because we work hard, take initiative, and expect high standards to ensure significant, compelling and unparalleled outcomes for our clients and participants (our average client and participant NPS scores are 90+). We prioritise individual well-being and making time to build deep connections with one another just as highly as performance and outcomes because we know that when you feel your best, you perform your best.

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We are a diverse and driven team who each bring their own unique strengths and personality to a shared vision.

At Inkling, our people are valued, respected, and work with high levels of trust and flexibility. We encourage our team members to work in ways that meet their well-being and balance this with a strong recognition of ownership.

We prioritise the learning and development of our own people so that every employee can grow and develop. This is central to how we optimise our employee’s ability to thrive at Inkling.

By building trusting and meaningful relationships amongst ourselves, we help our clients build cultures where engagement and performance accelerate. Meet the brave and curious thinkers we’re proud to work with.

At Inkling, everyone is welcome.

We value diversity and believe having a team in which everyone can be their authentic self is key to our success. We are committed to providing equal opportunity regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or stage of life.

You can get a feel for our purpose, values, and the impact our team is making in the lives of individuals and organisations across the world by clicking below.

People around a glass table laughing.

Join our hybrid-working team of diverse talents to grow your career, develop meaningful connections, and create impactful change.

We know that applying for a job can be intimidating. We also know that each person brings a unique set of strengths, skills, values and ideas to what they do, which is why we encourage everyone interested in joining us to apply.

We advertise all current openings on this page. If we’re not currently advertising for your type of role and you’re interested in joining Inkling, join our community by subscribing below to be the first to hear when open positions become available.

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