Are you guilty of this?

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Having a positive outlook is easy when everything is going well, but when life throws us a curve ball or we’re faced with an unforeseen challenge, pessimistic thoughts can sneak up on us and hijack the situation, preventing us from arriving at a positive outcome or even from achieving our goals.

When these challenging situations happen, are you guilty of totally personalising the situation and convincing yourself that you’re incompetent or this is all YOUR fault?

In this weeks episode of Inkling TV, Inkling’s resident positivity booster and born optimist, Senior Facilitator & Coach Gemma Cunningham, shares 2 of her favourite tips to help you diffuse those pessimistic thoughts so you can get out of your head and on your way to reaching your full potential.


PS.  Here at Inkling we’re on a mission to inspire more people to feel confident, comfortable in their own skin with the resilience to overcome life’s challenges and setbacks in and out of the workplace. We’ve put together a free downloadable worksheet to help you gain clarity and identify and overcome the fears that may be holding you back and controlling your career. You can download it here. 


Ignite Your Leadership Potential

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Ignite is our hugely popular 2 day program that will help you to uncover and maximise your natural strengths, develop an authentic leadership style and create a career plan that thrills you.

After attending Ignite, you will have:

  • Developed greater resilience to manage challenges and obstacles in your career and personal life
  • A clearer vision for the future and the motivation to seek and create opportunities to progress
  • A greater understanding of your unique leadership style that is authentic, meaningful and energising

Interested in Ignite but not sure if it’s the right program for you?

If you’re feeling unsure or have questions about Ignite or any of Inkling’s programs, we encourage you to take advantage of an Inkling Discovery Chat! You’ll have the opportunity to speak with a member of our team who will be able to answer all your questions and help you determine which program is the right fit.