Are you lonely?

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Hi folks,

In this fast-paced digital world we live in, do you ever feel:

  • Like you’re surrounded by people but lacking connection?
  • That you don’t belong anywhere?
  • Like you have plenty of friends but there’s no one you could call to ask for help?
  • Lonely?

It might feel uncomfortable to admit it, but the truth is that you are not alone. A recent study from Swinburne University found that one in four Australians are lonely. After this research was released, we asked you on our Instagram if you had felt lonely in the past week, and 57% of you said yes, which is huge! This epidemic of loneliness is one of the reasons why we are now bringing a focus on psychological wellbeing and belonging into our work at Inkling.

So what can you do if you’re suffering from loneliness? In today’s video I share a simple question that you can ask yourself to overcome these feelings. Tune in below!

With love,

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Have a great rest of the week!
The Inkling Team