Are you stuck in the perfect storm?

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In today’s workplace, we are all having to do more with less. It’s one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from individuals and organisations we work with. We’re more stressed, less centred, and struggling to keep up with an almost constant rate of change.

In this weeks episode of Inkling TV, Inkling Co-Founder and Chief Awakening Officer Dr. Gemma Munro discusses the reasons why so many of us feel stuck in this ‘perfect storm’ of stress, and shares a powerful question and action that you can start using each day to help you maintain your well-being and focus.

We hope you enjoyed Gem’s video, and remember, the most memorable moments in our lives are often not the times we’ve checked everything off our to-do lists, but when we make time to focus on connection, collaboration and contribution.

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The Inkling Team

PS. Gem’s so passionate about speaking on this topic, if you’re after a speaker who creates changed minds, practical takeaways and deep learning amidst a fair whack of fun, head to our here for Gem’s keynotes, bio, testimonials and details for how to get in touch with us.


Level Up FAQ

If you feel stuck in the ‘perfect storm’ of stress in your career and life and you’d like to learn the skills and tools to lead courageously through times of change, Inkling’s Level Up program is for you.

Level Up is the leadership program that no one else in the world is offering, which means you may have a few questions! We’ve had so many enquiries recently about the program so we thought we’d share some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

What are some of the real tangible results I’ll walk away with?

  • Level Up attendees will gain a comprehensive toolbox of brain hacks and actionable techniques to lift and sustain energy, improve resilience and gain clarity on how they can support others at work through times of ongoing change and high pressure.  

I’ve attended Speakeasy and Ignite, is Level Up the right program for me?

  • Yes! It’s absolutely designed to be the next step for you if you’ve completed Speakeasy and Ignite. We’ve heard over and over from past attendees who are looking to further their development and this program was designed with our community in mind.

What are the personalised neuroscience diagnostic tools and the technologies I will have access to?

  • Each Level Up attendee will complete two evidence-based peak performance diagnostics, the ‘5 Brain Analysis’ and the Inkling developed ‘Circles of Courage’ diagnostic. Both diagnostics provide personalised results that will help attendees to understand how their mindset and physiology impacts their behaviour and the ability to be a courageous leader.
  • Attendees will also have access to the Inkling NeuroPod equipment which offers quick and scientifically proven rest and revitalisation for the brain. 

What are the benefits to my organisation?

  • There are numerous benefits for organisations with outcomes including leaders who are equipped with the techniques to manage high levels of change, uncertainty and pressure in the workplace, as well as develop resilience in other members of their team, resulting in a ripple effect of more productive, focused and energised employees. 

If you’d like to learn more and find out if Level Up is a good fit for you, it may be time to take advantage of a Free Discovery Chat with a member of the Inkling team. As a bonus, we’ll also provide you with some free tailored resources to help you in your career.

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