Gemma Cunningham

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19 Feb: How to set clear boundaries

Hey there, With technology, flexible work arrangements and ever-changing workplaces, setting healthy boundaries at work and in our personal lives seems to have become more difficult than ever before. We’ve got our emails synced up to just about every handheld, desktop or wearable device we own, and we’re just one text or Slack notification away from being on call at a moment’s notice. We know that setting boundaries is an essential skill for leaders and teams to develop, and through our work with organisations around the globe, we have seen first-hand the positive outcomes associated with setting and honouring clear boundaries, including teams…

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14 Aug: Are you guilty of this?

Hey there, Having a positive outlook is easy when everything is going well, but when life throws us a curve ball or we’re faced with an unforeseen challenge, pessimistic thoughts can sneak up on us and hijack the situation, preventing us from arriving at a positive outcome or even from achieving our goals. When these challenging situations happen, are you guilty of totally personalising the situation and convincing yourself that you’re incompetent or this is all YOUR fault? In this weeks episode of Inkling TV, Inkling’s resident positivity booster and born optimist, Senior Facilitator & Coach Gemma Cunningham, shares 2 of her…

Time to leave the dance floor

04 Apr: Time to leave the dance floor

Returning to work after a few lazy days can be a bit of a shock to the system. Suddenly you’re back in the fray; there are deadlines looming, your to-do list is out of control, and how did you inbox manage to fill up over a long weekend?!