Georgina Gladigau

23 Jan: New year, best you

Hello, Welcome to our first email for 2019! We hope you had a wonderful break over the holiday period, and are coming into the new year feeling excited and refreshed. While we believe that you can create change in your life at any time of year, the start of a new year often prompts us to consider our goals, and how we would like our lives to be different in twelve months’ time. You’re probably hearing the phrase “new year, new you” a lot, but we’d like to change that to “new year, best you” because we don’t think that you…


19 Dec: Our year in review

Hey there! Welcome to our final blog for the year, and what a year it has been! At Inkling, you will know that our philosophy is to lean into discomfort in order to grow, and we have certainly done that in 2018. Please join us as we reflect on our journey over the last twelve months. We worked with 2000+ people around the world in our life-changing programs – from Sydney to San Francisco to London The team took 250+ flights to deliver our programs and workshops Our participants and clients gave us a net promoter score of 91.3 (an NPS above 70…

Developing an abundance mindset

27 Jun: Developing an abundance mindset

Do you find yourself focussing a lot of time and energy on everything that’s missing from your life? With thoughts running through your head like  “Why don’t I have a better job?”, “Why didn’t I get that promotion?”, “Why don’t I have more money?” or “Why don’t I have a loving relationship?”, and the list goes on and on.

Who are you being

18 Apr: Who are you being?

Through our workshops we meet so many women who struggle to allow their true selves to be seen in the workplace. There is a real fear of being excluded, judged, seeming weak or unprofessional, and ultimately of being deemed incapable of their job.

Flex those muscles

21 Mar: Flex those muscles!

We know from working with thousands of amazing women that a big part of inspiring women to step, speak up and lead is helping them to understand their strengths. Strengths are your secret weapon to a having a fulfilling and successful career!

How to move past negative emotions

21 Feb: How to move past negative emotions

Have you ever been cut off in traffic and then spent the rest of your drive absolutely simmering? Or maybe a client has sent you a nasty email and it’s ruined your whole day? This is a sign that you’re getting stuck with negative emotions, and the good news is we are here to help!

looking forward, looking back - december self-reflection guide

27 Dec: Looking forward, looking back: December self-reflection guide

So you’ve recovered from the food coma, the bin is full of wrapping paper, and you are pleased to know that you won’t be hearing Jingle Bell Rock again for a good eleven months. Your mind drifts to New Year’s Eve, and you begin to mull over potential resolutions, and wonder what next year might hold.

Overcome your negative self-talk

06 Sep: Overcome your negative self-talk

Do you have a nasty voice in your head that says mean and destructive things to you? Does this voice hold you back; convince you that terrible things are going to happen; tell you that you are not enough, never will be enough and that ultimately you are going to die old and alone?