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08 Mar: How to have open and courageous conversations about gender equity

It is with great passion that we celebrate International Women’s Day at Inkling.  As an organisation dedicated to creating cultures where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive, we have built strong expertise in gender equity. I have personally been running women’s leadership development programs for seven years now and I’m incredibly proud to say that 50% of women who go through our leadership programs get a promotion, role change or significant stretch opportunity within six months of working with us. But progress doesn’t come without challenge. Despite the success that culture and leadership change initiatives like ours bring, they…


08 Dec: A big ring of fire announcement 🧡🔥

Hey there,   Soph here with some big Inkling announcements to share with you today – all in the name of growth! Those who have worked with the Inkling team will know that our number one value is ‘Growth’ and we lovingly title this value: ‘stepping into the ring of fire’. It is also a guideline we set for every single person in our coaching and leadership programs. Why? Because it is ONLY by stepping into the ring of fire that you grow. We are committed to assisting people get out of their comfort zone; a place that may seem…

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20 Nov: How to cultivate empathy in the workplace

Hey there,   Today we wanted to talk about a word that has generated A-LOT of buzz over recent years. This word has been cited so often for making a difference at work and in society that it was one of Merriam-Webster’s top four words of 2017. Can you guess what it is?    At Inkling, empathy has been part of our values since the very beginning. We believe that empathy is an integral part of becoming a great leader, and it’s something we really love to discuss with those who go through our leadership programs because we know how far reaching the benefits…

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09 Oct: You are not alone

Hello, Today is World Mental Health Day and I want you to know that you’re not alone – we all have an inner critic that gets us down. I know what it is like to wonder if the world would be better off without you. I struggled through a pretty nasty case of depression and anxiety in my late teens. I also come from a family where there is a strong history of mental illness, so I have watched and supported people who I deeply love fight through very challenging times (mental illness really does feel like a fight!). It…

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02 Oct: Radical self-enquiry will transform your leadership and culture

Hello from London, Last week I travelled across the gloriously green English countryside to deliver workshops with over 100 leaders. Some of these leaders were well established and very senior, while others were new in their leadership positions. Very quickly we established a guideline for the sessions (one that we always set at Inkling): we would leave hierarchy at the door. This is because they were a group of leaders there for the same reasons; they were seeking greater confidence, clarity and support to be more resilient leaders. They wanted to support their teams (and themselves!) through what often seemed…

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07 Aug: Leading through change and uncertainty

Hello there, Soph here and today I wanted to talk about something that I am consistently hearing in my work with people and organisations all over the world. There’s more pressure on us than ever before, as we’re being asked to do more with less and constantly change in response to our shifting external environment. If you feel exhausted by the amount of change, pressure and busyness in your life, I get it, and trust me – you’re absolutely not alone in the struggle. In this article I want to share with you what I have learnt about navigating through…

25 Jun: Why we give all our employees flexible working + six weeks annual leave

Hi there,  It’s Soph from Inkling and I am currently in London where we have recently expanded into the UK. One of the things that people have loved hearing about is Inkling’s approach to flexibility and the positive business outcomes that we see, both with our clients and in our own business, when this is implemented well. While we haven’t got it perfect yet, we’re proud of pioneering a different approach to the majority of organisations – and we think that it is one of the secret ingredients to our success. At Inkling we aim to practice what we teach…


21 Nov: The leadership program that no one else in the world is offering

Hi there, Soph here! Over the past few years I have personally been on a journey to create more energy, clarity and calm in my own world, and I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt with others to improve their performance, impact, health and happiness. Through my work as a psychologist, executive coach and business owner I have been able to speak with thousands of leaders. What I’m consistently hearing is that people are feeling stressed and under pressure, and that they don’t have enough time to take good care of themselves, or invest in what lights them up….


06 Nov: Are you lonely?

Hi folks, In this fast-paced digital world we live in, do you ever feel: Like you’re surrounded by people but lacking connection? That you don’t belong anywhere? Like you have plenty of friends but there’s no one you could call to ask for help? Lonely? It might feel uncomfortable to admit it, but the truth is that you are not alone. A recent study from Swinburne University found that one in four Australians are lonely. After this research was released, we asked you on our Instagram if you had felt lonely in the past week, and 57% of you said…

Maximise your potential

09 Oct: Maximise your potential

Hello, First of all, I want to thank everyone who reached out to us after the launch of Inkling two weeks ago; we’re so happy to hear that our new brand and direction resonates with our tribe! As Inkling evolves we’ll be integrating more neuroscience into our work, so I’m very excited to introduce to you Inkling’s Chief Neuroscientist, Dr. Stan Rodski. In today’s video, Dr. Stan and I discuss how you can use neuroscience to skyrocket your potential in your life and career. Dr. Stan is also going to share two tips that you can begin applying straight away to start feeling more energised,…