Inclusion & Belonging

Driven by the science of inclusion, belonging and psychological wellbeing, Inkling equips individuals to create extraordinary lives and careers, and enables organisations to build cultures where everyone flourishes.

Belonging is the missing piece of the diversity and inclusion in the workplace puzzle

Research shows that inclusive and diverse workplaces require leaders who ensure that team members are:

a) empowered to contribute their unique strengths and abilities

b) feel like they are an integral part of the team.

This creates a sense of belonging and inclusion in the workplace that fosters innovation and collaboration; driving improved team and organisational performance.

Research tells us that increased diversity drives better business outcomes, yet more diverse teams experience more conflict and less cohesion. We help your leaders to extract the benefits of diversity and disrupt leadership behaviours that are not conducive to an inclusive and high performing team.

Who are we and what do we do?

Inkling’s purpose is to elevate humanity. We awaken human potential and, in doing so, revolutionise how we live, work and lead.

Technology is transforming how we live and work at an unprecedented rate, and our brains are simply not equipped to manage these new demands. This begs the question: in an environment that is faster-paced and more fragmented than ever before, how can we create teams that encourage innovation, contribution and and diversity in the workplace? how do we go about creating a culture of belonging?

Inkling’s programs create sustained shifts in mindset, brain and behaviour that awaken individuals and organisations to their full potential. We help our clients to not only meet the demands of the transforming world, but to lead the

Our unique way of achieving world-class results

We take a balanced approach, integrating science and intuition, head and heart. Our evidence-based learning is compelling and creates real, measurable change.

We should mention that our programs are challenging. They are designed to create diversity in the workplace. We are known for diving well below the surface of more traditional leadership courses. But our programs are also ridiculously fun. (No need to take our word for it! You can see what our clients and participants say here).

We work with purpose. We’re known for creating a ripple effect (one of our clients dubbed it ‘Inkling’s tsunami effect’), inspiring those we work with to become role models for others across the organisation.

When you work with us in creating a culture of belonging, we partner closely with you to ensure each program feels like it has been created within and for your organisation. Our solutions are always aligned to your strategy and environment and are delivered by our passionate, delightful, diverse and highly qualified team of experts.

Programs we offer to boost diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Belong: This programs helps your leaders to understand their strengths and areas of improvement, while developing an inclusive leadership style. We recommend this program for organisations wishing to drive a culture of inclusion, trust and belonging. This is a comprehensive leadership program that results in significant behavioural and cultural shifts. Find out more here.
  • Disrupting Bias: Equip your people with knowledge and tools to disrupt unconscious bias, and drive greater inclusion and belonging by drawing on the latest science-based techniques. We recommend this program for organisations wishing to teach employees the science of unconscious bias and provide practical tools and techniques that they can apply immediately to drive a reduction of unconscious bias. Find out more here.