Build a career you are passionate about

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Today I have a question for you…are you passionate about your work?

I hope you are! But if you’re feeling defeated, bored, unfulfilled, or just over your work situation; you are FAR from alone. A recent survey found that only 44% of Australian employees are satisfied with their current job. This is something that I have coached numerous clients through, so today I wanted to let you in on my top three tips for building a career that you are passionate about.

Do you want to feel purposeful, energised, and passionate? Yes? Tune in below!

So here’s to getting out of a rut, finding purpose, and doing work that you are passionate about!

If you think someone in your life would enjoy or benefit from this episode, please share it with them.We would love to hear from you, what changes do you feel inspired to make? Share with us in the comments.

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P.S. Are you struggling to build a career you are passionate about? We can help! We love supporting people to create careers they love, and when a whole team is engaged and passionate, this positively impacts organisational outcomes and helps to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

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