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Coaching cultivates self-awareness, creates a safe space to build EQ skills and invests in the development of the whole person.

The largest driver of employee engagement in any organisation are those in a leadership position. Often promoted on the basis of their technical strengths, leaders rarely come fully-equipped to do the job. To lead others – and do it well – starts with who we are as people. We need to deeply explore human behaviour, not just technical skill. To understand our own drivers means considering the whole person, what and how we feel safe enough to advocate for others – as well as ourselves.

Leaders need coaches to continuously grow and develop, as employees and as people. This is the x-factor which is key to organisational retention and success. Research tells us that we are 3 times more likely to achieve personal insight and transformation when we are immersed in a space of supported growth, have goals and objectives to achieve, and the impetus to drive measurable change.

Coaching drives personal growth and organisational transformation.

  • Coaching substantially enhances the transfer of learning.

    Research shows that there is a qualitative difference in the type of learning which takes place formally (being the abstract) and within coaching (being the specific application). Where these exist in connection, the resulting behaviour and mindset change is significantly increased.

  • Coaching drives a focus on strengths, and acceptance of gaps.

    People who know and use their strengths are 6 times more likely to be successful at work. Leaders who are better equipped to recognise and uncover others’ strengths, have significantly greater outcomes for the business, and the people they lead.

  • Coaching increases resilience, well-being, and goal attainment.

    Research shows that what coaching delivers goes well beyond the organisational benefits. Alongside reduced stress, recipients of coaching report an increase in resilience, well-being and their ability to set and achieve a clear vision.

Coaching drives individual and collective mindset and behaviour shift.

At Inkling, our data shows that coaching, coupled with a learning experience, is far superior to just coaching or learning alone. This is because, to create true mindset and behaviour change, we need to get new knowledge ‘into the bones’ and forge those neural pathways; this means learning, then doing, and debriefing.

We take an evidence-based approach and ground our coaching experiences in the principles of positive psychology which opens the mind, focuses on strengths, and the potential of the employee to achieve the change they are exploring. Our coaches are highly experienced and qualified (our executive coaches are registered psychologists) and build trust through authenticity, empathy and logic.

Inkling coaches are known for creating a ‘ripple effect’ of positive change, not just in the lives of the leaders they work with, but across the cultures and teams they operate within. We employ a holistic approach towards development focussing on the optimisation of personal strengths, resulting in clients who are empowered to take ownership of their own growth and development journey.

We gather data and insights of every coaching experience we deliver. Our assessment approach delves beyond the purpose and impact of our programs, and well into the human experience. We measure shifts in EQ, confidence, self-awareness and resilience, psychological well-being, motivation, amongst others, and benchmark our results across industry, leadership level and moments of impact.

"If it wasn’t for the fabulous authentic coaches at Inkling and their tailored and unique leadership programs, I would never have had the courage to step up into the leadership roles I am currently doing. Their programs profoundly changed my life both professionally and personally and gave me clarity, belief and strength to lean in, take ownership of myself and lead. Before Inkling, I felt like I was stuck and undeserving of leadership roles. I credit Inkling with removing my fear and making me fiercer."

- 2019 University of South Australia participant

Results from a 6-month leadership program with embedded coaching showed that 71% of participants who worked with an Inkling coach felt they could motivate themselves to be focused and engaged in challenging times, compared to 23% beforehand.


"Working with a coach was an eye-opening experience with lots of ah-ha moments for me. I am now clear about my skills, strengths, and talents, and I am leveraging them towards a specific set of goals. The program has provided me with many tools and techniques that I can utilise in areas such as inclusive leadership, unconscious bias, influencing skills, living my values, coaching others, tips to manage stress and goal/vision setting."

- 2020 Woolworths Group participant

Results from a 6-month leadership program with embedded coaching showed that 69% of participants who worked with an Inkling coach felt confident to overcome challenges, compared to only 7.5% beforehand


Scalable and customised coaching experiences aligned to your purpose and goals.

From executive coaching to embedded coaching programs and group learning experiences, our approach to coaching drives individual and collective mindset and behaviour shift – all of which achieves greater cultural alignment and cultural change.

From customised programs to scalable digital solutions, we deliver personalised learning experiences for your people, wherever they are. Our scalable and customised coaching solutions include:

• Coaching capability development for leaders
• Executive coaching
• Embedded coaching learning experiences

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