Carolyn’s lightbulb moment 💡

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Hey there,

Meet Carolyn. Carolyn came to Ignite feeling like she was lacking direction and left with an incredibly liberating new way of thinking about herself, her strengths and her goals. We caught up with the wonderful Carolyn at the end of Ignite to ask her about her transformation.

This is her story. 


If you’re ready to ignite your career and learn how to maximise your natural strengths, Ignite is the program for you.  Our hugely popular and transformative 2 day program is happening in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and London this October. Ignite will help you to develop an authentic leadership style and create a career plan that thrills you. Head here to learn more about Ignite.

Not sure if Ignite’s the right program for you?

If you have questions about Ignite or any of Inkling’s programs and would like to learn more, we encourage you to take advantage of an Inkling Discovery Chat! You’ll have the opportunity to speak with a member of our team who will be able to answer all your Ignite questions or help you to determine which program is the right fit for you. Book a Discovery Chat here.

Your free Inkling Career Plan Workbook  🙌

Sometimes all it takes to have that ‘aha!’ or lightbulb moment is a clearer understanding of your strengths and the things that really light you up 💡. When you start playing to your strengths at work, you’ll be able to create a career that is not only successful, but also exciting and hugely fulfilling!

Taking on a strengths-based approach has the capacity to completely change how you look at your life and career. We’ve put together a Career Plan Workbook that you can download for free by clicking on the image below. It will help you to explore your natural strengths and discover how you can play bigger in the world.

Much Love, Team Inkling