Disrupting Bias

Equip your people with knowledge and tools to disrupt unconscious bias, and drive greater inclusion and belonging by drawing on the latest science-based techniques.

We recommend this program for organisations wishing to teach employees the science of unconscious bias and provide practical tools and techniques that they can apply immediately to drive a reduction of unconscious bias.

In our modern-day work environment avoiding unconscious bias is almost impossible. The more time pressures and stress we experience, the greater likelihood of falling into unconscious bias. If you have a brain then you experience unconscious bias.

Neuroscience tells us that 90% of what we do is driven by our subconscious. We fall into old habits, patterns and make judgment errors all in the name of speed and efficiency!

Science provides us with evidence-based techniques to draw on neuroplasticity and literally change our brains and behaviour in order to achieve better outcomes in work and in life.

Unpack unconscious bias

how it affects us all (especially in modern workplaces)

Consider the 5 biases

that cognitive research has shown to be hard wired into our brain.

Learn practical techniques

to disrupt unconscious patterns and shift your mind set, behaviour and brain.

We adapt our blended learning solutions to meet your strategy, culture and people needs. The Disrupting Bias program can include the following elements: short workshop, podcast series, online resource and learning to embed the learning