Elevate is our highly successful in-person leadership program. It is designed for maximum impact for up to 20 high potential women. The results are unmatched – in fact, our clients have lifted their women in leadership targets as a direct result of Elevate.

Throughout the Elevate program, Inkling will guide participants to be change agents within the organisation by enabling them to

• Gain confidence, resilience and capability to operate as leaders within the business
• Increase their visibility and profile among senior leaders in the business
• Establish sponsors and networks outside their area
• Define a meaningful career path that will offer long-term contribution the organisation
• Develop strategies to move past personal barriers that impede success and enjoyment
• Establish a ‘ripple effect’ where participants act as role models for other women in the organisation and champions of change for gender diversity within the business


Create a supportive community of female leaders with the confidence and capability to operate as influential leaders within the business

Increase the pipeline and profile of female talent ready to move into senior and executive leadership roles over time

Gain the support and engagement of senior leaders and line managers in overcoming the barriers to gender equity


50% of participants receive a promotion over the program, and feel that the program supported them to do this

91% of participants report that the program helped them to develop strategies to move past personal barriers

100% of participants feel fully equipped with the tools and strategies to assist them in juggling work and life commitments, compared with 41% at program commencement

100% of participants believed the program provided them with the confidence to seek new opportunities, and believe that they can achieve great things as a result of the program

94% of participants believe the program has given them the strategies to operate as a senior leader within the organisation

Alberta Finglas
Woolworths Group

I know that the individual impact on these women and on myself is both profound and potent – it will spread, it will cultivate new ideas, it will lead these women into more senior leadership roles, it will create talent and asset retention, diversity in the organisation and foster a powerful and futuristic environment for both genders to experience a difference in thinking, approach and above all leadership.

Alberta Finglas
Woolworths Group

I believe this cohort and certainly my four co-presenters are unanimous in the belief that not only should the Elevate program continue but it MUST continue, the platform for conversation and comradery established during this program is unprecedented in our organisation and it must grow and be nurtured by the wonderful efforts of ‘Inkling’

Natalie K
Woolworths Group

Being part of this program has been an honor and have given me so much more that just the confidence to be a better leader but given me the confidence to be the best version of myself. By being honest and open I have been able to establish better relationships with my family, friends and team. I now have the confidence to back myself and lead with my whole self. It is ok to be an imperfect leader.