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We know from working with thousands of amazing women that an important part of inspiring them to step up, speak up and lead is helping them to understand their strengths. Focussing on strengths is your secret weapon to having a fulfilling and successful career, so today we are going to share some tips for how to find and embrace yours.

But first, what is a strengths-based approach?

Do you agonise over the fact that you can’t wrap your head around spreadsheets, that your roast will never be as good as your mother-in-law’s, or that you can’t spell to save yourself?  The good news is that you don’t have to master those things. In fact, take this moment to let them go, because the key to a strengths-based approach is to stop trying to fix your weaknesses. The truth is that you simply cannot master everything, and it’s actually a waste of energy trying to. Research shows that your greatest potential for growth is in your strengths, not your weaknesses, so by directing your energy there, you are going to see much more positive results.

Why is a strengths-based approach so important at work?

When you start using your strengths on a daily basis at work you will experience some amazing results:

  • Work will be more engaging
  • You will be more successful
  • You will be more motivated
  • Work will feel more enjoyable and fulfilling
  • Your wellbeing will improve
    • Research has found that the more hours each day that you use your strengths; the less likely you are to experience worry, stress, anger, and sadness
  • You will notice that you’re able to stand out on your strengths alone; you do NOT need to be all things to all people

How do you figure out what your strengths are?

Marcus Buckingham, a thought leader in the strengths space, says that a strength meets these two criteria:

  1. It is something you gain intrinsic satisfaction from
    • You might experience “flow” when you use your strengths, this is the sense of being so deeply immersed in an activity that time and everything outside of the activity melts away.
  2. You experience a consistently high level of performance when undertaking the activity
    • When trying to determine what your strengths are, consider what people tell you you’re great at, or what you are rewarded for doing well.
    • But remember that you must also enjoy it; if you’re great at something but it doesn’t fulfil you, it is not a strength.

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Wishing you a great end to the week!

The Inkling Team xo

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