Have you reached your upper limit?

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Hello there!

How are you? I hope you’re having a great start to the week.

My name is Gemma, but most people know me as Gigi. I’m a Senior Facilitator and Coach here at Inkling Women, and I am thrilled to bring you my first ever episode of InklingTV! It is fitting that my first episode is on a topic that is very close to my heart; the upper limit problem. The reason that this is so important to understand is because overcoming your upper limits is the secret to reaching your full potential and experiencing tremendous joy and abundance in your life. When I first learnt about upper limits it was a major revelation and I honestly wanted to shout about it from the rooftops; sharing it with all of you is the next best thing though!

In this video I’m going to explain the upper limit problem, and then I’ll share my two top tips for overcoming your own upper limits. So without further ado, let’s jump in…

If this has been a revelation for you too, I highly recommend taking a look at Gay Hendricks’ book, The Big Leap, which covers this topic in great detail.

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I’m so looking forward to creating more InklingTV episodes for you; if there’s a topic you would like covered please send us an email.

Wishing you a fabulous rest of the week!

Gigi xx

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