How to cultivate empathy in the workplace

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Today we wanted to talk about a word that has generated A-LOT of buzz over recent years. This word has been cited so often for making a difference at work and in society that it was one of Merriam-Webster’s top four words of 2017. Can you guess what it is? 🤔

At Inkling, empathy has been part of our values since the very beginning. We believe that empathy is an integral part of becoming a great leader, and it’s something we really love to discuss with those who go through our leadership programs because we know how far reaching the benefits of having a culture that fosters empathy are.

Empathic workplaces tend to enjoy stronger collaboration, less stress, and greater morale, and employees cite having greater resilience with the ability to bounce back more quickly from difficult moments. It can be the differentiating factor that motivates, unites, and connects us.

In this week’s Inkling TV, our CEO Soph shares the WHY behind empathy in the workplace and 3 actionable tips that you can start using today to help you cultivate empathy in your own organisation, whether you are a c-suite executive or a rising leader.

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Leaders who attend Ignite will leave with:
  • Skills to influence others, allowing them to improve organisational outcomes
  • The ability to effectively manage their personal and career challenges, resulting in increased performance, productivity and enjoyment
  • A clearer vision for the future, more passion for their career and the motivation to seek and create opportunities to progress

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Your FREE Inkling Worksheet: 3 Tips To Help Cultivate Empathy In The Workplace


We all have the ability to be empathetic. In today’s workforce, which is more diverse than ever, cultivating a workplace where empathy- perhaps even more than efficiency- is rewarded can lead to highly productive, motivated and engaged teams. We’ve put together a Free Inkling Download to help you cultivate empathy and develop meaningful connections within your own workplace. Just click on the image below to download it. 

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