How to find your tribe

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Hello there!

Over the last few years, a strange thing has started happening to me. I keep meeting people who make me want to grab them by both arms and yell delightedly in their slightly bemused faces “Oh, it’s YOU! I’VE FOUND YOU!”.

In short, I have started to find my tribe. Or they have started to find me.

Having a tribe around you is, from a ‘head’ perspective, wonderfully useful for your career. If I get stuck, overwhelmed or out of my depth in a particular area, I have supportive people around me who are just a phone call away. Of course, this support is reciprocated.

But I think too little attention is paid to the ‘heart’ benefits of finding your tribe. As rewarding as leading a business or a team is, it can be a little lonely at times. Having people around me who feel like home adds a huge amount of joy to life.

Today I share with you my 7 steps to find the people who want to make me shout to the rooftops with joy … the people who are my essential support system … the people who feel like home to me. This is a topic very close to my heart, so if you have any questions or suggestions to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I’d love to open up this important conversation with YOU, our treasured Inkling tribe members.

With love,

Gem xx


Last week we asked our followers on social media to share how Inkling has impacted their life and career and we had some STELLAR responses! It was incredible to hear stories from past participants, through to people who had never attended a program but had been influenced by our work from afar. Deciding on our favourite entry was challenging, to say the least! However, we ultimately decided that the winning entry was Katherine’s:

I did your wonderful Speakeasy program a couple of years ago. This course gave me much more than confidence in public speaking. I learnt to tame my lizard voice and find my confidence. I learnt the importance of playing to my strengths and doing something each day that made me sparkly. This led me to get a promotion to an executive role and a subsequent career change. The impact that Inkling has had on me has also been enormous in my personal life where I have stopped being scared to have a try and have become heavily involved in my local community through running and joining the board of a local charity. Thanks for helping me to now be my authentic and flourishing self!

Speak soon!

The Inkling team xx

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