How to get your audience hanging off your every word

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Have you ever been stuck in a meeting or watching someone present and the speaker starts going into incredible detail – detail you’re not even the slightest bit interested in and is so minute that you actually end up forgetting what the point of their presentation is? 😕 🤷🏻‍♀️

Think about how listening to a presentation like this makes you feel – motivated, inspired, even the least bit interested? Our guess is probably not!

The issue with presentations that share an over the top amount of detail is that your audience will disengage quickly, and often as the presenter, you’ll get frazzled and lose your focus. 

To help you hook your audience and avoid the dreaded yawning audience, we’ve put together a snack -sized (5 minute listen) but PACKED-full podcast with Inkling Co-Founder & inspiring public speaker Dr. Gemma Munro who shares some of her tried and tested techniques to make your message clear, succinct and engaging 👌. 

Conquer your public speaking fears with Speakeasy 🗣 🎤

Speakeasy is our flagship program for women that deals head-on with the fears that can hold us back from speaking up and presenting. We use evidence-based theories and techniques from the field of psychology, along with our own techniques to help women conquer their nerves and speak with confidence, influence and ease.

Over the two days on the program you will be provided with multiple opportunities to practise the techniques and receive honest, caring, and constructive feedback from our expert facilitators and coaches.

We’ve just announced our 2020 dates and there are a few lucky last spots available for our Adelaide and Melbourne programs happening this month. Head here to book in or to learn more about the program. 

Your FREE Inkling Worksheet: How to  shape your content 🗣
We’ve put together a Free Inkling Worksheet that will teach you how to shape your content so that you can start giving engaging presentations that will influence and inspire a crowd, motivate change, effectively inform others and build your reputation as a powerful, confident speaker. Download it here. 
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