Ignite is a two-day leadership program that aims to set your career on fire! If you want to dramatically increase your confidence and resilience, and become an influential leader, Ignite is the program for you.

Who is Ignite for?

Ignite is designed for women who are at the beginning of their leadership journey and want to become more influential and effective. It’s also important that you’re up for a challenge! Our programs are energetic, interactive, and require you to go below the surface.

What are the outcomes for individuals?

  • Dramatically increased confidence in your skills and potential
  • Understanding of your individual strengths
  • Improved skills in influencing and leading others
  • Greater resilience to manage the challenges and obstacles in your career and personal life
  • An authentic leadership style
  • Greater career clarity and a career plan that excites and motivates you
  • Determination to seek and create opportunities to fulfil your career vision

What are the outcomes for organisations?

Leaders who attend Ignite will be:

  • Skilled in influencing others, allowing them to improve organisational outcomes
  • More resilient and confident
  • Able to effectively manage their personal and career challenges, resulting in increased performance, productivity and enjoyment
  • Clearer on their vision for the future and inspired to seek and create opportunities to progress
  • More passionate about their career

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    The results speak for themselves!

    Ignite receives an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from participants.

    50% of participants seek out a promotion or stretch opportunity as a result of Ignite.

    100% of participants would recommend Ignite to friends and colleagues.

    Our Net Promoter Score for Ignite is 100!

    Lucy Bain

    I did the Ignite program over a year ago, and am still recommending it to friends and coworkers. Those two days really helped me to step back and evaluate what I was looking for in my job, career, and life. Recognising how I hold myself back, and seeing that so many other women have the same sabotaging thoughts allowed me to break the pattern. Within six months I had taken on more responsibilities, had more open conversations with my boss, and had clear career goals. Within 9 months I was promoted. Thank you!

    SA Water

    Inkling’s Ignite program is truly transformational. It’s empowered me to shift from a pretty limiting mindset full of self-doubt and powerlessness, to an incredibly liberating new way of thinking about myself, my strengths and my goals. I have confidence that I didn’t have before, which means I am stepping up to the table and feeling good about the contributions I am making. I feel certain about the things that are truly important to me, which is helping me to balance my time and I have an exciting vision for my future that I’m working towards!