Inhouse programs

Empowering leadership and training programs focused on inclusion, belonging, and psychological wellbeing designed to equip participants with the growth  mindset needed to thrive in rapidly changing workplaces

Women’s Leadership


PROGRAM (9 months)

Elevate is your highly successful in-person leadership program for up to 20 high potential women. Its results are unmatched – in fact, our clients have lifted their women in leadership targets as a direct result of Elevate.


PROGRAM (2 days)

Our flagship two-day public speaking workshop has taught thousands of women around the world to speak up and speak out. This intensive, interactive workshop has helped women to find their voice and look forward to every speaking opportunity.


PROGRAM (2 months)

Ignite inspires women in their leadership journey and sets them on a pathway for extraordinary and sustained success and fulfilment.

Ignite is an eight-week in-person program designed to equip your women leaders with the know-how to navigate the invigorating, rewarding but often challenging world of leadership.

Ignite focuses on the specific challenges that women face as they embark on their leadership journey.

Inclusion & belonging


PROGRAM (9 months)

Develop your leaders’ capability and motivation to drive and champion a culture of inclusion and belonging.

The result = teams that innovate, collaborate and create environments where everyone feels that they belong.



Equip your people with knowledge and tools to disrupt unconscious bias, and drive greater inclusion and belonging by drawing on the latest science-based techniques.


our new program launching soon

The world is rapidly changing – impacting the way we live, work and lead. The leadership required to operate in this new world requires a shift. We prepare your leaders to not only meet the demands of the transforming world, but to lead the transformation.

Psychological wellbeing



Nimble creates workplaces ready to embrace the demands of the future. We equip your people with the skills and technology to optimise their brain function and build their emotional agility. The result? Your people are able to operate in highly complex, diverse and uncertain environments.


PROGRAM (2 days)

Enable your people to contribute their unique ideas and opinions in the workplace – and encourage others to do the same. SpeakOut builds participants confidence and skills to be highly open, authentic and inclusive speakers. As a result, you’ll see greater diversity of thought across all levels of your orgnisation.