Level Up

Take your leadership to the next level by learning best-practice psychology and neuroscience strategies to cultivate peak performance and lead successfully under high levels of pressure, uncertainty and change.

Who is Level Up for?

Leaders who want to:

  • Draw on the latest science to reach their full potential while navigating a busy and demanding life
  • Increase their energy, clarity and calm so they can give their best
  • Learn how to lead in our rapidly changing world
  • Move beyond traditional leadership programs and access the best that science has to offer to lift performance and fulfilment at work

What are the outcomes for individuals?

  • Cultivate a growth mindset: you will dig deep into self-reflection exercises to explore the thinking patterns and habits impacting your success and driving stress and exhaustion. You will also learn strategies to drive high performance thinking and a mindset of clarity, focus and calm.
  • Build authentic and meaningful connections: learn techniques to ‘remove the mask’ to be more open, authentic and to have courageous conversations with your colleagues and your team.
  • Lead with purpose: you will define a clear vision and legacy to fuel your focus, motivation and energy, along with techniques to align your behaviour and thinking with your intent.
  • Foster strong engagement:  You will explore the lifestyle and work habits that are hindering your success, and learn the science of high performance habits. You will also clarify goals to work towards over the next six months

What are the outcomes for organisations?

  • A cohort of leaders who drive a culture of inclusion and belonging within their teams and the organisation as a whole.
  • Leaders who more productive, focused and energised
  • People who can lead effectively in times of change and cope with pressure

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    Nathanial McKay
    AP Eagers

    The value of this program was indescribable.  I have done a lot of professional training that has impacted me both professionally and personally but nothing like this, this was a whole new league and the impact on both professional and personal fronts was incredibly profound.

    Gemma Byrne
    AP Eagers

    It is the best training I have participated in and has made a big impact on my life; personal and professional!

    Andrew Davies
    AP Eagers

    Enlightening course that forced me to reflect on my career and personal life and gave me tools to be a better manager

    Sean Leong
    A.P Eagers
    Sales Manager

    The key thing for me is that the program has unlocked a part of me that I didn’t even know existed – I can communicate at a level that my managers and team are telling me has become so humanistic.

    The ability of the program to unlock my Pandora’s box and then to teach me how to control it has been incredible. This program has really unlocked my potential and I only wish that I had known all of this 10 years  ago.

    The lift and engagement from the staff, the change in culture, the amount of breakthroughs in our management meeting from facilitating in the correct manner, by removing criticism, by understanding the emotion and intent, by using respect, inclusiveness and creating a space for the team to belong, is creating magic.

    11 out of 10 – the combination of coaching and workshops and to get a bunch of leaders to open up has been life changing.
    I am raving advocate of the Inkling Level Up program!

    Elisia Banks
    NRM Education Coordinator

    Absolutely loved being guided through a process of understanding ‘the why’ behind the brain overload, to useful hacks to employ to release the stress. Loved that the tips/hacks can be used not only professionally but personally too. Finally a training that focuses on next steps after the training is over – crafting a legacy. Thoroughly enjoyed. Perfect timing to lift my energy and spirits. Thank you.