Level Up

Be a part of Inkling’s new Level Up program, where we combine cutting edge techniques from neuroscience and psychology to take your life and leadership to the next level.

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We have listened and we understand that:
  1. You are feeling stressed and under pressure, without the time to take care of yourself or invest in what lights you up. You need proven techniques to lift your energy, clarity and calm, that can be done quickly and easily!
  2. You want to connect with like-minded people who also want to fulfil their potential and make a positive contribution.
At Inkling, we are well versed in the most recent research on high performance and impact. We know that:
  • Our fast-paced life style causes stress in your body (even if you don’t feel stressed).
  • Stress drains your energy, creativity, productivity and motivation.
  • Chronic stress increases your chances of chronic health conditions.
  • The most successful and fulfilled leaders have learnt the skills to manage stress and high pressure situations to benefit themselves and those around them.

The strategies you will learn in Level Up have successfully lifted energy, clarity and calm in high-level executives, entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes and thousands of people who simply want to reach their potential without stress, overload and self-doubt.

Level Up will enable you to shift your life and leadership into the next gear.

What is Level Up?

Level Up is a program that enables you to optimise your mind, body and brain through cutting edge tools, technology and techniques from neuroscience and psychology. You will access the science of high performance to become a more balanced, inclusive and successful leader.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to:

  • Draw on the latest science to reach their full potential while navigating a busy and demanding life
  • Increase their energy, clarity and calm so they can give their best
  • Explore the new world of leadership and learn how to lead in our rapidly changing world
  • Move beyond traditional leadership programs and access the best that science has to offer to lift performance and fulfilment at work
Are you ready to Level Up?

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Level Up Registration of Interest
Nathanial McKay
AP Eagers

The value of this program was indescribable.  I have done a lot of professional training that has impacted me both professionally and personally but nothing like this, this was a whole new league and the impact on both professional and personal fronts was incredibly profound.

Gemma Byrne
AP Eagers

It is the best training I have participated in and has made a big impact on my life; personal and professional!

Andrew Davies
AP Eagers

Enlightening course that forced me to reflect on my career and personal life and gave me tools to be a better manager