How to manage interruptions

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Well hello there!

Gem here with a short and snappy video on how to deal with something that makes us feel … well … short and snappy! If you have ever wondered how to deal with interruptions without coming across like a grumpy, aggrieved sausage, then today’s episode of InklingTV will help. In it, I give you three tips to insert yourself back into the conversation and grab the attention of the room without any annoyance or defensiveness.

We’d love to hear your thoughts – are you interrupted at work often? Do our tips work for you? What other tips would you share with others that have served you in this very specific situation? Please comment below – we love hearing from you.

With much love and fewer interruptions,


Dr Gemma Munro PhD (Psych)

Co-Founder & Chief Awakening Officer

Speakeasy Success Story

“I undertook the Speakeasy course a few weeks ago with the amazing Gemma Munro, and last night hosted and moderated my first public panel discussion. It was one of the BEST experiences of my career so far, I employed all the tips Gemma taught us, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I can’t WAIT for my next keynote talk on the 3rd of May – a far cry from how I felt a month ago!”

– Ali Anderson, Program Director, Australian Institute of Machine Learning

Do you want to gain the confidence and skills that helped Ali to transform her public speaking ability? Look no further than Speakeasy!

We can also run Speakeasy within your organisation! If you’d like to discuss this with us, please get in touch.

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