How to Optimise your Energy

Do you often feel tired, foggy, and reliant on uppers (hello coffee!) and downers (hello wine!) to perform during the day and relax at night? In a world of ever-increasing energy demands, balancing input with output and learning to master the art of energy regeneration is key to staying on top of this demanding modern existence.

This free audio masterclass is led by Sophie Hampel, CEO of Inkling, and Dr. Stan Rodski, a Neuroscientist with over 30 years’ experience.

Build your Confidence

Join Sophie Hampel, CEO of Inkling, as she shares three secrets that will help you build your confidence. In this masterclass you will learn:

  • How to face your most terrifying fears in order to move closer to your potential
  • How to combat that little voice in your head that holds you back
  • How to boost your energy and face each day with more courage and confidence

Overcome Fear and Become a Confident Speaker

Does the idea of speaking up in a meeting or giving presentations make you want to run for the hills?

In this masterclass, Inkling’s Co-Founder and Chief Awakening Officer, Dr Gemma Munro, shares the four practical techniques that she used to overcome her own public speaking fears. No “imagine the audience naked” here! These methods are tried and true and will have you accepting speaking opportunities in no time!