Nimble creates workplaces ready to embrace the demands of the future. We equip your people with the skills and technology to optimise their brain function and build their emotional agility. The result? Your people are able to operate in highly complex, diverse and uncertain environments.

Organisations require innovation, collaboration and inclusion to outperform competitors and meet the demands of an increasingly high pressure and fast paced global market. Our human physiology makes this goal a challenge. We are not hardwired to embrace change, uncertainty or negative emotions; all common elements in a diverse and agile work environment.

Organisations currently invest in developing their people with the skills to create high performing and inclusive cultures. These skills can only be fully utilised when the brain and body is in an optimal state; otherwise unconscious patterns override new learning. This is why many skills-based training programs fail to create long-term change.

We recommend this program for organisations wishing to build a highly agile, flexible and psychologically well workforce. We believe that performance happens from the inside out, and Nimble provides your people with the skills and technology to awaken their potential in all areas of their lives

Grow emotional agility

Nimble helps your people to be flexible with their thoughts and feelings so they can respond optimally to everyday situations

Understand the brain

Nimble helps your people to understand their brain and use science to increase energy, focus and wellbeing

Drive a nimble culture

Dive a nimble culture that allows people to be their best in high-paced, uncertain and changing environments

We adapt our blended learning solutions to meet your strategy, culture and people needs. The Nimble program can be adapted for your leaders or your broader workforce. We include the following elements: short workshops, podcast series, access to the online Inkling Learning Academy, Inkling NeuroGYM, neuropsychology brain-based assessments, and podcast series.