Our values

Values are what define our goals, attitudes, decisions and our behaviour. We are here to make a meaningful contribution to the world and we do it in a way that reflects what is important to us at Inkling.

Lean into discomfort

We lean into discomfort in order to grow ourselves, our clients and participants

We take responsibility for our own growth, and give and receive frank and fearless feedback

Take off the armour

We have the courage to show up as our true selves at work, and teach others to do the same

We celebrate uniqueness while also looking for common ground

We speak our minds from a growth (not fixed) mindset, and create space for our clients and participants to do the same

Go deep

We take time to foster deep and warm connections with clients, participants and fellow team members

We put ourselves in our clients and participants’ shoes and show empathy and compassion

We prioritise self-reflection and the role each of us plays in creating our experience

We make time for play

Think and act like an owner

We seize every moment to make our clients and participants results and experience world-class

We take responsibility for our actions and decisions – the buck stops here