Programs for Individuals

Empowering leadership and training programs designed to equip participants with the growth mindset needed to thrive in rapidly changing workplaces


Ignite is a two-day leadership workshop that aims to set you on fire (figuratively speaking). If you’re looking to understand where you’re at, where you want to be, and how to explode whatever’s  standing in the way of you and your vision, Ignite is the program for you.


Our flagship two-day public speaking workshop has taught thousands of women around the world to speak up and speak out. This intensive, interactive workshop has helped women to find their voice and look forward to every speaking opportunity.


Level Up is a program for both men and women that enables them to optimise their mind, body and brain through cutting edge tools, technology and techniques from neuroscience and psychology. They will access the science of high performance to become a more balanced, inclusive and successful leader.