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Ready to overcome fear and become a more confident speaker?

Is your fear of speaking up holding you back from opportunities in your career and stopping you from being seen for all the amazing ideas that you bring to the table?

In our “Overcoming Fear and Becoming a Confident Speaker” masterclass, Inkling’s Co-Founder and Chief Awakening Officer, Dr Gemma Munro, shares the four practical techniques that she used to overcome her own public speaking fears.

The masterclass will teach you:

  • An easy hack for getting rid of those butterflies and turning them into your secret weapon
  • Exactly how to prepare yourself in under 2 minutes with one simple trick that involves ‘power posing’
  • What you are already carrying around with you every day that is your speaking super power – and how you can bring them out when you need to speak up
  • Plus one more killer technique that has helped thousands of ‘quiet ones’ cut through the fear of speaking up

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