If you’re looking to be inspired, entertained and propelled into action, our expert speakers are your ticket. With a focus on diversity, inclusion and psychological wellbeing, Our Co-Founders and team of experienced coaches speak at events to critical acclaim worldwide.

Dr Gemma Munro


Dr Gemma Munro is the Co-Founder and Director and Director of Inkling, a business with a big mission: to revolutionise how we live, work and lead. She is one of Australia’s best recognised speakers on gender diversity and women in leadership. Gemma has delivered keynotes at PayPal, Nissan and Qantas, and her talk at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley was livestreamed to every Google office in the world. With a PhD in performance psychology, she is expert in equipping leaders with the skills and motivation to create inclusive teams, and in inspiring individuals to step up, speak up and lead.

Sophie Hampel

Co-Founder and CEO

Sophie Hampel is the Co-Founder and CEO and Director of Inkling. Sophie Hampel is a registered psychologist who focusses on psychological flexibility and wellbeing to drive more adaptive, inclusive and connected workplaces. Sophie is tremendously sought after as a coach, facilitator and speaker because of her ability to take people below the surface to uncover what is holding them back. Sophie has delivered keynotes and worked with organisations around the world including British Telcom, General Electric, Vodafone and Qantas. She understands the challenges that leaders face and how to use neuroscience and psychology to drive success and fulfilment.

Kelly Segat

Head of Programs

Kelly has held a series of senior leadership positions within global firms and her journey has seen her work most recently as part of the Global Leadership teams for innovative and leading edge organisations such as LinkedIn. As both an innovative business leader and coach, Kelly has seen great success with her warm and values-driven approach.

Gemma Cunningham

Senior Facilitator and coach

Gemma Cunningham draws on her three biggest strengths – connecting, communicating and developing – to ensure individuals experience outstanding outcomes that are delivered with passion and warmth. Those who work with Gemma say they felt inspired, engaged and supported by her. She actively encourages a growth mindset and challenges her participants to step out of their comfort zones. This, combined with her positive, energetic nature, makes her sessions extremely engaging and impactful.

Stan Rodski


Stan Rodski is an Australian neuroscientist specializing in brain performance. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a doctorate of science in biological statistics. Dr Rodski has worked as a psychologist for over 30 years and more recently has focused on the neurosciences. Stan has helped many people, schools, sporting teams and organisations with improving performance and in particular memory, concentration, agility and resilience.