The leadership program that no one else in the world is offering

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Hi there,

Soph here!

Over the past few years I have personally been on a journey to create more energy, clarity and calm in my own world, and I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt with others to improve their performance, impact, health and happiness. Through my work as a psychologist, executive coach and business owner I have been able to speak with thousands of leaders. What I’m consistently hearing is that people are feeling stressed and under pressure, and that they don’t have enough time to take good care of themselves, or invest in what lights them up.

At Inkling, we know that becoming a successful leader requires more than simply learning a few tools and frameworks; it requires a holistic approach to performance. This includes challenging the subconscious patterns and habits that have become hardwired into the brain over many years. Did you know that neuroscience has shown that 90% of our behaviour is driven by our subconscious mind? This is why we can have the best of intentions to change or learn new skills and – alas! – find ourselves right back where we started.

But do not despair – the brain is incredibly malleable and we have the power to quite literally rewire it with our thinking, behaviour and experiences. This is why I am so incredibly excited to introduce our newest program, Level Up; a two-day workshop that will introduce you to content, tools and technology that enable you to optimise your brain function – allowing you to work and live to your fullest potential! This is content that no one else in the world is currently offering (truly!).

Libby, Kelly and Soph demonstrating our Neuropods; technology you’ll have access to as part of Level Up.

Level Up combines Inkling’s experience developing confident and resilient leaders, with leading edge neuroscience technologies developed by Dr Stan Rodski in his 30 years of combined practice as a psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist.

The strategies and technologies you will have access to have successfully lifted energy, clarity and calm in high-level executives, entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes and thousands of people who simply want to reach their potential without stress, overload and self-doubt.

The results are astonishing:

  • Our Net Promoter Score is 100 (when 70 is considered worldclass!)
  • Our facilitators get and average of 5/5 for effectiveness

Our participants speak our praises:

“The key thing for me is that the program has unlocked a part of me that I didn’t even know existed – I can communicate at a level that my managers and team are telling me has become so humanistic – I am hearing that I have become humanistic to everyone and I am a different person.

The ability of the program to unlock my Pandora’s box and then to teach me how to control it has been incredible. This program has really unlocked my potential and I only wish that I had known all of this 10 years  ago.

The lift and engagement from the staff, the change in culture, the amount of breakthroughs in our management meeting from facilitating in the correct manner, by removing criticism, by understanding the emotion and intent, by using respect, inclusiveness and creating a space for the team to belong, is creating magic.

11 out of 10 – the combination of coaching and workshops and to get a bunch of leaders to open up has been life changing.
I am raving advocate of the Inkling Level Up program!
– Sean Leong, Sales Manager, A.P. Eagers

Level up is engaging, hands-on and will give you practical skills that you can begin implementing immediately. It utilises neuroscience diagnostics, leading-edge technologies and practical techniques that actually change your mind, body and brain. You will learn how to function at your full potential, and neuroscience diagnostics will enable you to measure real changes in your brain over the course of the program!

We are passionate about revolutionising the way we live, work and lead to meet the changing demands our world, and it is our hope that Level Up contributes to creating a tribe of more calm, connected and inclusive leaders. Click here to learn more.

Much love,