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Shape adaptive, influential leaders, build more resilient teams, and achieve lasting organisational transformation and development.

Our society is transforming at a rapid rate. Effective leaders need to continually evolve and change with it while inspiring others and helping them adapt. This requires resilience and emotional agility, along with a recognition that being a leader isn’t about you but is instead about the people you serve. Followers need purpose, structure, empathy, and authenticity from their leaders, and it all begins with knowing yourself deeply. By developing these uniquely human skills, you can influence behaviour, empower others, build valuable skills and unlock their potential.

Developing leaders with the competencies to motivate and inspire requires a greater focus on emotional intelligence (EQ), self-awareness, and empowerment than on technical skills. Over 15 years of research into the emotional intelligence profile of leaders tells us not only how to distinguish those who will grow from setbacks from those who will likely collapse, but also how to build the skills of those who will go on to become even more emotionally resilient.

These are the leadership competencies that will unlock human potential, protect psychological well-being and safeguard against the negative gravitational pull of disruption and stress. These are the skills tomorrow’s leaders will need to inspire, influence, innovate and create impactful change.

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Lift self-awareness, build resilience, create clarity, and take performance to the next level through skills development programs and leadership training.

Our leadership development experiences are tailored, measured, and work to drive sustained mindset and behaviour change at scale. Together we map out an experience every employee will talk about and carry with them throughout their careers.

From customised development programs to scalable digital solutions, we deliver personalised learning experiences, training and leadership development for your people, wherever they are.

Our leadership development solutions are delivered in blended delivery formats and include:

  • Talent and HiPo assessment and development
  • Executive leader development
  • Mid-Senior leader development
  • Emerging leader development
  • Frontline leader development

Our people are experts in leadership development and want to help you design and deliver a learning and leadership program that suits your organisation and employees, and that creates holistic company leaders that grow with your organisation.

We use established research in psychology and behavioural science to inform and develop the content and design of our learning programs and leadership experiences – the results speak for themselves:

  • 99%

    of participants rate their courage, career clarity and resilience significantly lifted as a direct result of working with us.

  • 90%

    of leaders we work with feel they are able to be more inclusive.

  • 100%

    of participants report our programs helped them believe they have what it takes to be an outstanding leader.

Build influential leadership capabilities within your organisation.

Our leadership development experiences support the development and training of effective and influential company leaders, promote sustained mindset and behaviour change, and embed cultural change at scale.

Using psychology, behavioural science, and a variety of diagnostic tools, we collect data from the beginning to help organisations understand and develop from their starting point. We then provide practical tools and strategies to help develop these new skills, ultimately resulting in greater success and fulfilment for your people and human-centred leadership development for your business.

Every business challenge has an emotional component, and effective leaders need to be able to read and understand emotional elements to influence others and drive results. Our leadership development experiences focus on building stronger emotional skills to help leaders become more self-aware, gain clarity of their purpose, be better able to adopt agile ways of working, build innovation capabilities, and develop the confidence to navigate and embrace change.

"The training was such an authentic learning journey for managers and leaders, where you are supported and encouraged by experts, and able to share some deep thinking and reflection with a personal coach. There is the right amount of theory based on well-researched psychological principles, but it’s more powerful when this is brought to life with real personal stories amongst the cohort. Inkling encourages participants to 'take off the armour', 'be brave', and 'be vulnerable'. Throughout the learning experience, I have learnt so many things that I will apply in my routines now, to ensure I approach each day as a leader with a growth mindset that is anchored around my strengths, values, and purpose."

– Woolworths Group Leadership Development program participant

"I left the Frontline Leaders course with the skills, knowledge and confidence to feel empowered as a leader. I feel i now how more tools in my arsenal to lead effectively and empathetically, and I am clearer on where I want to go from here."

- BBC Studios Frontline Leadership program participant

"This leadership development program has been so instrumental in both my personal and professional life. I've always known the things I am challenged with, my "rough around the edges" areas, but never had the tools to help me manage through them. This was the first leadership development experience in my career that truly revolutionised how I thought or interacted as a person and as a leader. Phenomenal team and training that I have recommended to anyone who has been willing to listen. A big heartfelt thank you!"

– Woolworths Group Leadership Development program participant

"Excellent content that helps meet the challenges of Frontline Leaders and helped us share our experiences and build stronger, more valuable relationships with peers across the business."

- BBC Studios Frontline Leadership program participant

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