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About us

There’s nothing relaxing about the current pace of life and work – we love you, technology, but you’re keeping us on our toes! We’re all doing more with less, in environments that are faster-paced and more fragmented than ever before. We’re more stressed, less centred, and struggling to keep up with an almost constant rate of change.

We work with leaders and organisations who don’t just want to keep up with the changes, they want to lead them. To us, this means taking an integrative approach to life, work and leadership. It means merging science with intuition, head with heart.

We equip individuals to create extraordinary lives and careers, and enable organisations to build innovative and collaborative cultures in which everyone belongs.

We deliver world class leadership and training programs focussed on inclusion, belonging and psychological wellbeing. We’re proud to say that the results are in. Our programs work.

Revolutionising leadership

Our  leadership programs inspire talent to step up, speak up and lead their team to better business outcomes. Our results speak for themselves: 50% of participants who work with us are promoted within 6 months, and 99% rate their confidence and ability to give back to their organisation as significantly lifted as a direct result of working with us.

Inclusion & belonging

Our Inclusion and Belonging programs draw on best practice neuropsychology and performance psychology to equip participants with the self-awareness, strategies and skills to create teams in which everyone feels motivated and empowered.


Psychological wellbeing

Inkling Psychological Wellbeing programs arm individuals with the skills and technology to build their emotional agility and optimise their brain function. The result? Your people are more innovative and inspired; collaborative and calm.


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How to optimise your energy

Do you often feel tired, foggy, and reliant on uppers (hello coffee!) and downers (hello wine!) to perform during the day and relax at night? In a world of ever-increasing energy demands, balancing input with output and learning to master the art of energy regeneration is key to staying on top of this demanding modern existence.

This free audio masterclass is led by Sophie Hampel, CEO of Inkling, and Dr. Stan Rodski, Inkling’s Chief Neuroscientist with over 30 years’ experience. In it you will learn:

The impacts of modern life on our energy – why we experience fatigue, brain fog and lack of concentration

Simple and practical strategies that draw on evidence-based psychology and neuroscience to help you to optimise your energy, feel your best and create an extraordinary life and career

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Who we’ve worked with

Our year in review

Hey there! Welcome to our final blog for the year, and what a year it has been! At Inkling, you will know that our philosophy is to lean into discomfort in order to grow, and we have certainly done that in 2018. Please join us as we reflect on our journey over the last twelve months. We worked with 2000+ people around the world in our life-changing programs – from Sydney to San Francisco to London The team took 250+ flights to deliver our programs and workshops Our participants and clients gave us a net promoter score of 91.3 (an NPS above 70…

The leadership program that no one else in the world is offering

Hi there, Soph here! Over the past few years I have personally been on a journey to create more energy, clarity and calm in my own world, and I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learnt with others to improve their performance, impact, health and happiness. Through my work as a psychologist, executive coach and business owner I have been able to speak with thousands of leaders. What I’m consistently hearing is that people are feeling stressed and under pressure, and that they don’t have enough time to take good care of themselves, or invest in what lights them up….

Are you lonely?

Hi folks, In this fast-paced digital world we live in, do you ever feel: Like you’re surrounded by people but lacking connection? That you don’t belong anywhere? Like you have plenty of friends but there’s no one you could call to ask for help? Lonely? It might feel uncomfortable to admit it, but the truth is that you are not alone. A recent study from Swinburne University found that one in four Australians are lonely. After this research was released, we asked you on our Instagram if you had felt lonely in the past week, and 57% of you said…

Jane Galloway
Jane Galloway
London Leadership Academy (NHS)
Deputy Director

Working with Inkling has been a joy both for us as clients, and incredibly impactful for those attending their sessions. The first time we commissioned Playing to Your Strengths it ‘sold out’ almost instantly, and we could have filled the room twice over. We’ve commissioned them to rerun the masterclass for this year – again, it’s waiting list only. The Beyond Bias workshop was as popular, and the evaluations for Ascend are already race after just two days of the programme. – I love Inkling’s ethos, and their honesty, energy and enthusiasm is what makes them different to other leadership development providers. I would thoroughly recommend them.

Amy Hendry
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Senior Manager, Employee Connectedness

Working with Inkling has not only been energising and exciting for our organisation, their solutions have directly impacted both our corporate challenges and group the capability of our future leaders. We easily worked through the needs of the organisation, identified the right solutions for our culture and allowed the program to group through the feedback of the participants and the needs of the organisation. The results speak for themselves. Every measurable had a significant improvement.

Corinna Van Den Heuvel
University of Adelaide
Associate Professor

If it wasn’t for the fabulous authentic coaches at Inkling and their tailored and unique leadership programs I would never have had the courage to step up into the leadership roles I am currently doing. Their programs profoundly changed my life both professional and personally and gave me clarity, believe and strength to lean in, take ownership of myself and lead. Before Inkling I felt like I was stuck and undeserving of leadership roles. I credit Inkling with removing my fear and making me fiercer.

James McLoughlin - Betfair
James McLoughlin
Marketing Content Manager

Absolutely fantastic workshop that delved into the psychology of why we behave the way we do when talking in front of groups. It also gave plenty of strategies to combat this behaviour. We learnt techniques that I’ll use for the rest of my life. Not easy to say that after many 3.5 hour workshops!

Kimberley Kingsborough
SA Water
Business Planning Specialist

Inkling’s program is truly transformational. It has empowered my to shift form a pretty limiting mindset full of self-doubt and powerlessness, to an incredibly liberating new way of thinking about myself, my strengths and my goals. I have a new energy and the impact of how I’m thinking and acting differently is starting to have a snowball effect. I have confidence that I didn’t have before, which means I am stepping up to the table and feeling good about the contributions I am making.

Clair Stevenson - Woolies
Clair Stevenson
Head of Supplier Development

Today I had to do a presentation in front of approximately 400 people. I am normally terrified to the point of wanting to pull out, however, I focused on my vision, ignored my inner lizard, and completed some serious breathing exercises beforehand… I delivered a great presentation. I have done nothing but praise the course and coached a few of my peers using the fantastic content. It really has made a difference!

Karen Whittaker
General Manager People Experience - Digital & Consulting

From the first meeting, I could tell that Inkling were passionate about diversity and the professional and personal development of leaders. AGL has witnessed a positive change in the leaders that participate in their programs. Many of these participants move into more senior leadership roles and continue to deliver significant benefits to the organisation.

…Inkling is known for it’s ability to cut through and create real change
current NPS score
Our leadership programs result in 50% of participants gaining promotion within six months.
99% of women who work with us rate their confidence and ability to give back to their organisation as significantly lifted as a direct result of working with us
100% of people leaders have taken action to create inclusive teams