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Inkling partners with organisations to cultivate leadership thinking and behaviour that drives high performance. We offer tailored solutions, including leadership development initiatives aimed at frontline leaders, mid-senior leaders, and executive leaders.

We understand the evolving expectations of leaders, navigating wellbeing and hybrid working, managing diverse teams and operating in an increasingly fast-paced and changing environment.  Our approach constantly evolves to align with our experience, best practice research in leadership, psychology and behavioural science, and the needs of each organisation we partner with.

We consult with your organisation with an approach that offers clarity, flexibility, and scalability to meet your specific needs. Our team of Leadership experts work with you to identify key outcomes that bring your leadership framework to life and develop strategies to grow and retain talent, and enhance innovation and high performance in your organisation.

We focus on cultivating leaders and develop a range of leadership capabilities and strategic thinking underpinned by psychological safety to unlock the full potential of your people and create a high-performing culture.

Whether you are looking for leadership capability development, mindset and behavioural change or strategic thinking techniques, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.

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An amalgam of academic and market research into the ever-evolving nature of leadership keeps us focused on what leaders need. Unlocking the range of intelligences as we grow means we have an ever-spanning access to potential.

Inkling's Leadership Development services

Assessment of your talent should be aligned to the expectations of your leaders, rather than a theoretical model. We will work with you to develop an approach tailored to your organisation and aligned to best practice assessment methodologies in psychology. We amplify diversity and inclusion and help you to understand the diversity and unique differences within your talent pool, to drive inclusion and innovation.

Our methods in talent and HiPo assessments include:

  • Psychometrics, cognitive and practical assessments to help mitigate bias.
  • Development centres for talent to experience ‘a-day-in-the-life’ development and receive in-the-moment feedback on specific leadership capabilities aligned with your organisation.
  • Detailed talent reporting, providing clarity about strengths, areas of development, unique differences, and recommendations for career planning.

Increasing the readiness of your high-potential talent to step into their next role is a critical part of succession planning. We will work with you to build talent development experiences that are aligned to your leadership framework, reflect current research, and tailored to the specific development needs of the group.

Our talent programs are designed to stretch and build capability, through formal and on-the-job experiences, and deliver significant results with 50% of participants getting a promotion/significant stretch opportunity. Those who participate are more likely to be more engaged and retained by the business, compared to their colleagues who did not take part. Our programs are often career-changing experiences for those who participate.

Executive leaders have unique needs when it comes to development experiences; they are diverse in development needs, time-poor, and need to see tangible business outcomes from their efforts. In our work with executive teams, we combine working on the individual and collective leadership development required to drive the desired strategy and culture forward.

We utilise executive coaching, diagnostics, observation coaching, heat experiences, immersive experiences (taking participants out of their day-to-day work context) and highly impactful development sessions. While we bring our thinking and research regarding what is required to be successful in executive roles, we will co-create an approach with your leaders aligned to your leadership approach and current business context.

Accountability to build momentum and habit is key, and this is achieved through a personalised relationship with a trusted, accredited Inkling coach.


Mid-level leaders are the two-way connection point between frontline leaders and senior management, translating strategy and shared purpose into operational momentum and performance across larger (often dispersed and hybrid-working) teams. Our learning experiences for this audience are infused with immersive experiences that allow participants to evolve their focus on their impact as coach, sponsor, and builder of talent, and as leader of performance, culture, accountability, and innovation.

For leaders at this level, the transition encompasses managing multiple/large teams, creating psychological safety and inclusion, while also being responsible for driving business outcomes, thinking strategically, managing change, and driving innovation. Our ways of operating in the digital era require leaders at this level to be able to influence and collaborate effectively across the organisation, engage in difficult conversation, and hold people accountable. When leaders can do this effectively hidden potential in an organisation can be unlocked

Frontline leaders are in a significant position of influence in organisations, leading critical operations and helping teams prioritise organisational goals. Post-pandemic, the ask of leaders has grown and evolved. Inkling’s frontline leader programs highlight techniques that enable them to nurture team culture and performance, support the wellbeing of team members while having a dynamic impact their ability to influence engagement.

We offer scalable and technology-supported approaches to enable your organisation to quickly and efficiently build capability in one of the most critical levels of leadership.

Inkling’s team brings expertise in current leadership thinking and practice and share these insights through engaging keynote speaking events. Our keynote presentations delve into the heart of managing geographically dispersed hybrid teams, making capability stick, and leading teams through change as they navigate the VUCA landscape.

Inking speakers share insights from other initiatives we run demonstrating the tangible benefits we can bring to your organisation. We partner with clients to identify a range of topics that will suit your needs and audience and tailor our focus for each session. Inkling speaking events provide actionable insights that empower your people to create sustainable leadership for future organisational growth and success.

We use established research in psychology and behavioural science to inform and develop the content and design of our leadership experiences – the results speak for themselves:

  • 90%

    of leaders we work with feel they are able to be more inclusive.

  • 99%

    of participants rate their courage, career clarity and resilience significantly lifted as a direct result of working with us.

  • 100%

    of participants report our programs helped them believe they have what it takes to be an outstanding leader.

"Inking have been a trusted partner with us for a number of years now. They’re flexible, metrics crazy and results focused. We’re delighted with the results from our programs for example; we have seen a 70% increase in the number of employees who are seeking and sharing feedback, via our systems and we’re continuing to build our coaching muscle and scale this across the organisation."

– Denise Gribben, Executive Manager, Talent and Leadership, CBA

"We love partnering with Inkling to solve problems and develop our people; the data-driven & human centered approach they take is a true differentiator. Participants on the programs we have co-created and rolled out have said that the Inkling programs have been the most valuable leadership development they have participated in and we are excited about what the future holds as we continue to evolve this."

– Brooke Roberts, Head of People, Woolworths Group

"I left the Frontline Leaders course with the skills, knowledge and confidence to feel empowered as a leader. I feel I now how more tools in my arsenal to lead effectively and empathetically, and I am clearer on where I want to go from here."

- BBC Studios Frontline Leadership program participant

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Shape adaptive, influential leaders, build more resilient teams, and achieve lasting organisational transformation and development by partnering with Inkling.

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Leadership Development FAQ's

Inkling’s approach to leadership development is distinctive in its holistic focus on both professional skills and personal growth. Our programs seamlessly integrate leadership principles with emotional intelligence, fostering well-rounded leaders. We leverage a combination of cutting-edge methodologies, personalised coaching, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, ensuring that our participants not only excel in their roles but also contribute meaningfully to their organisations.

At Inkling, we recognise that leadership needs vary across organisational levels, from frontline leaders to senior executives. Our approach is highly adaptive, employing tailored solutions for different career stages. By customising content and delivery, we ensure that our leadership solutions address the unique challenges and aspirations at each organisational level.

Inkling’s Leadership keynotes and speaking events cover a wide array of topics designed to inspire, educate, and catalyse positive change. From fostering inclusive leadership and embracing diversity to leading through change and fostering innovation, our keynotes address critical aspects of leadership. Our team of industry experts and thought leaders share insights and strategies that resonate with diverse audiences, leaving them motivated and equipped for leadership success.

Our evaluation approach ensures clear success measures at both organisational and individual levels, aligning with specific outcomes and program design. In collaboration with you, we develop a unique evaluation strategy, incorporating pre/mid/post-program assessments for participants and their leaders.  This comprehensive approach allows us to continually refine our programs, delivering meaningful, measurable impact for both individuals and organisations.

We have witnessed individuals advancing into leadership roles, teams becoming more cohesive and innovative, and organisations achieving greater diversity and inclusion. Testimonials and client case stories across our website highlight the positive ripple effect our programs have on individuals, teams, and organisational cultures.