Inkling Insight Session Recording | What makes an Inclusive Leader today?

In this 45-minute insight-packed session, Rashida LoweInkling Group Chief Delivery Office and D&I Practice Lead, and Dr Sandy Caspi SableInclusive Leadership Compass Co-CEO and Co-Founder, unpack the latest research and insights into the definition and benefits of Inclusive Leadership today. 

This session explores:

  • What it means to truly lead inclusively and the individual and organisational attributes and competencies which combine to influence Inclusive Leadership effectiveness.
  • Where the largest capability gaps for leaders sit at the team and organisational levels of inclusion, as well as the inclusive leadership behaviours that have the largest impact on business performance.
  • Practical strategies and tools for fostering inclusivity at both individual and organisational levels.

To create and sustain a culture of inclusion, leaders must have a shared awareness of what it means to lead inclusively. Reach out to learn how Inkling can assist your organisation in developing inclusive leadership capability.

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