Our purpose

Inkling’s purpose is to elevate humanity.

Times are changing. We all feel it. The world of technology is shifting at speed, creating a constant stream of new demands our bodies and brains are simply not equipped to manage. We’re burning out, fast.

So the question is, in an environment that’s more frenetic and fragmented than ever before, how can we create workplaces that encourage innovation, collaboration and connection? And most importantly, how can we build a culture in which everyone thrives? The solution is wrapped up in Inkling’s mission.

Inkling exists to elevate humanity by revolutionising how we live, work and lead. Led by the science of inclusion, diversity and psychological wellbeing, our programs are focused on cultivating a growth mindset, awakening human potential, and empowering individuals and teams to contribute and collaborate from a place of energy, authenticity and joy.

Our passion is human potential – what would it take to tap into it? And what can we achieve when we do? By combining cutting edge neuroscience with evidence-based techniques, our programs create sustained shifts in mindset, physiology and behaviour.

Awakening human potential

How do we do this?

  • We take a balanced approach, integrating science and intuition, head and heart. Our evidence-based learning is compelling and creates real, measurable change.
  • We should mention that our programs are challenging. We are known for diving well below the surface of more traditional leadership courses. But our programs are also ridiculously fun. (No need to take our word for it! You can see what our clients and participants say here).
  • We work with purpose. We’re known for creating a ripple effect (one of our clients dubbed it ‘Inkling’s tsunami effect’), inspiring those we work with to become role models for others across the organisation.
  • We partner closely with our clients to ensure each program feels like it has been created within and for your organisation. Our solutions are always aligned to your strategy and environment, and are delivered by our passionate, delightful, diverse and highly qualified team of experts.