This is us

At Inkling, we have a passionate and driven team of experts who each bring their own unique flair to a shared vision.

Dr Gemma Munro
Co-Founder and Chief Awakening Officer - PhD Psych

Dr Gemma Munro is a business founder, Chief Awakening Officer, uplifting speaker, Doctor of Psychology and procrastinating author. You can think of her as a human alarm clock. Her effect on audiences is to wake them up – to help them remember who they are, what they’re here to do, and why they’re entirely capable of doing it with great courage and passion.


Sophie Hampel
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer - M.OrgPsych Registered Psychologist

Sophie Hampel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inkling, a business with a GOLD (Giant Outrageous Liberating Dream): to revolutionise how we live, work and lead and as a result elevate humanity.  Sophie is a registered psychologist who focusses on psychological flexibility and wellbeing to drive more adaptive, inclusive and connected workplaces.

Kelly Segat
Chief Operating Officer

Kelly has  held a series of senior leadership positions within global firms and her journey has seen her work most recently as part of the Global Leadership teams for innovative and leading edge organisations such as LinkedIn. As both an innovative business leader and coach, Kelly has seen great success with her warm and values-driven approach.

Gemma Cunningham
Senior Facilitator and Coach

Gemma (also known as Gigi) is deeply passionate about developing others and is in her happy place when she is presenting to groups or coaching one-on-one, where she delights in facilitating insights and supporting people to become the best versions of themselves!

Gigi really geeks out on connecting with people through building instant relationships based on trust, mutual respect, generosity and warmth.

Libby Morrish
Finance Manager - GradDipCA

Libby is a Chartered Accountant who enjoys the gentle hum of a business that is running smoothly. She enjoys working with her intelligent, passionate and committed colleagues at Inkling, and is inspired by the work that Inkling does as she firmly believes that we all have the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

charlotte dawe
Charlotte Dawe
UK Account Manager

Charlotte is incredibly motivated by equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging and has worked across an extensive group of communities largely supporting people to be included, participate and use their strengths to make a positive impact.

Kelly Graham-Sutton
Business Development Manager

Kelly uses her exceptional organisational skills, arranger and activator strengths to ensure outstanding delivery of Inkling programs, so that both our clients and participants are ecstatic with the results. She uses her management and consulting experience to solve complex problems and action tasks efficiently and effectively, with passion and warmth.

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Ami Sheehan

Ami’s a natural people person with an optimistic outlook on life. She’s inspired by the future and what could be in a world where people feel empowered to embrace their true potential.

Prior to joining Inkling, Ami worked in the wine industry for almost a decade and completed a Masters of Wine Business. She’s most recently spent a year and a half living and working in New Zealand (which she LOVED), but is thrilled to be back home in Sydney now having the opportunity to play to her relationship building strengths and fulfil one of her true passions: to inspire positive change as a facilitator and future coach with Inkling.

Katrina Cole
Facilitator and Executive Coach

Katrina (or Kat as she is known to many) is passionate about connecting with others and helping them to realise and unlock their true potential. She loves nothing more than to lean into her strengths to facilitate connection and growth for participants at Inkling programs.

Lauren Byleveld
Program Manager

Lauren is a creative self-starter with an enduring love of managing detail. An intuitive giver, she uses her strengths in arranging, maximising and connectedness to bring amazing projects to life!

With 20+ years of experience as project manager & digital designer, Lauren loves a good chat to troubleshoot, collaborate and problem solve.

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Diana Mezei
Program Manager

Diana, or Dini as she’s known to many, has been dedicated to the cause of imposing order upon chaos  throughout her career with extensive experience in managing programs in the higher education, not for profit and healthcare sectors.

As a Program Manager here at Inkling, she helps us keep our many ducks in a row and goes the extra mile to take care of our clients, making sure our programs run seamlessly and are enjoyable for everyone involved.

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Sarah Norsworthy
Programs & Administration Coordinator

With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Sarah offers a distinct way of thinking and a special perspective on the world at large. As Inkling’s Programs and Administration Coordinator, Sarah supports the Programs team to deliver world class programs and ensures our office runs without a hitch.

Sarah brings heaps of administration experience and a gorgeous energy to the team. A methodical thinker, Sarah applies logical actions to each unique situation, always putting her best foot forward and naturally motivated to find the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

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Ellie Somers
Marketing & Engagement Coordinator

Ellie’s a big picture thinker who’s fascinated by ethical matters, hidden meanings and the ever- changing ways in which today’s society is finding, consuming and sharing content. She’s an up-beat, glass half-full kind of lady with an infectious enthusiasm and positive outlook on life, work & the future.

A life-long learner with a degree in Literature & Cultural studies, Ellie has a strong appreciation for diversity and building relationships with diverse communities both in & out of work. She loves curating and creating engaging content, building inclusive communities where everyone feels safe to participate. Ellie supports Inkling’s continued growth through building awareness of our Public Programs and working closely with Inkling’s Programs team & Business Development Manager to drive new business.