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At Inkling, we have a passionate and driven team of experts who each bring their own unique flair to a shared vision.

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Sophie Hampel
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer - M.OrgPsych Registered Psychologist

Sophie Hampel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inkling, a business with a GOLD (Giant Outrageous Liberating Dream): to revolutionise how we live, work and lead and as a result, elevate humanity.  Sophie is a registered psychologist who focusses on psychological flexibility and wellbeing to drive more adaptive, inclusive and connected workplaces.

Sophie is sought after as a coach, facilitator and speaker because she is not afraid to take people below the surface to uncover what is holding them back.  Sophie has delivered keynotes and worked with organisations around the world including British Telcom, The NHS, Vodafone and Qantas. She understands the challenges that leaders face and how to apply leading-edge neuroscience and psychology to drive success and fulfilment.

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Mike Newman
Senior Manager Client Delivery

With over two decades of facilitation and coaching experience, Mike is a learning leader with demonstrated success designing and delivering organisational leadership and transformation initiatives across the private and public sectors.

Mike is passionate about challenging people to be their best using a strengths-based approach. He is not afraid to disrupt thinking and balances this with a nurturing and authentic approach that enables people to feel safe to step out of their comfort zone and make sustained change.

Through Mike’s unique blend of learning and passion for the Learning and Development arena, he is able to create sophisticated, impactful learning strategies that deliver change and growth for our participants and clients.


Sarah Davie
Sarah Davie
Head of Client Solutions and Engagement

Sarah has over two decades’ experience in Learning & Organisational Development roles both in Australia and the UK. She has experience on the “client-side” as an in-house Culture & Capability lead, as a Director in Management Consulting, and ran her own Learning Consulting small business.  This gives her a commercial and creative perspective, drawing on experience and insights across a range of industries and Government sectors.

In her role as Head of Client Solutions & Engagement, Sarah’s key focus is to deeply understand the leadership, capability, gender equity, and diversity and inclusion aspirations of our current and future clients, and shape learning experiences to help achieve them. She is curious, collaborative, and quick to identify the unique strengths of the people she works with.

Gagan Mudhar
Senior Manager Client Delivery

Gagan is a registered Psychologist with close to a decade’s worth of experience applying her skills in clinical and organisational psychology in not for profit, private and public organisations. Gagan has a special interest in developing mental health, wellbeing, coaching and leadership development programs for organisations and brings an infectious warmth, a deep sense of curiosity and a compassionate approach to her work.

As a Senior Manager of Client Delivery, Gagan partners with Inkling’s clients to understand their business and leadership needs and is passionate about helping them to use evidence-based methodologies to create positive change at both the organisational and individual level.


Gina Zoia
Gina Zoia
Senior Manager Program Delivery

Gina is a deeply curious and empathic learning leader who is passionate about supporting individuals to connect with their purpose and unlock their potential. Gina has over two decades’ worth of experience working as a facilitator, coach and instructional designer, consulting for clients across the public and private sectors both nationally and internationally.

In her role as Senior Manager Program Delivery, Gina partners with Inkling’s clients to design and deliver end-to-end learning experiences that are engaging, meaningful and impactful. Gina has the special ability of being able to quickly identify the unique qualities and natural gifts of those she works with, inspiring her clients to maximise their strengths, move into action, and drive sustained positive behaviour change


Fiona Lyons
Facilitator and Executive Coach

Fiona is an exceptional cultural change consultant, facilitator and executive coach with close to two decade’s worth of experience working in the learning and development field. Action-oriented and driven to challenge her clients to unlock their potential, Fiona is passionate about delivering high-impact programs with real-world success strategies that can be implemented at both the individual and organisational levels.

Fiona’s ability to build rapport quickly allows her to drive real, personal growth and positive change with the clients she works with. Her sessions are practical, engaging, challenging and fun, and deliver the right balance to provide accelerated learning for her participants so that they walk away with clear action steps and strategies to implement them.


Gemma Cunningham
Senior Manager Client Delivery

Gemma (also known as Gigi) is deeply passionate about developing others and is in her happy place when she is presenting to groups or coaching one-on-one, where she delights in facilitating insights and supporting people to become the best versions of themselves!

Gigi really geeks out on connecting with people through building instant relationships based on trust, mutual respect, generosity and warmth. She also has the “gift of the gab” and you will often find her communicating with others through elaborate story telling (with plenty of hand gestures to go with them)!

Ami Sheehan
Facilitator and Coach

Ami’s a natural people person with an optimistic outlook on life. She’s inspired by the future and what could be in a world where people feel empowered to embrace their true potential.

Prior to joining Inkling, Ami worked in the wine industry for almost a decade and completed a Masters of Wine Business. She’s most recently spent a year and a half living and working in New Zealand (which she LOVED), but is thrilled to be back home in Sydney now having the opportunity to play to her relationship building strengths and fulfil one of her true passions: to inspire positive change as a facilitator and future coach with Inkling.

Katrina Cole
Facilitator and Coach

Katrina (or Kat as she is known to many) is passionate about connecting with others and helping them to realise and unlock their true potential. She loves nothing more than to lean into her strengths to facilitate connection and growth for participants at Inkling programs.

Jules Franzen
Jules Franzen
Head of Design and Innovation

When it comes to talking about new ways of learning, few people get more excited than Jules. With almost 20 years of designing learning and development experiences, Jules brings a bright sense of creativity and problem solving to every opportunity. Jules has worked across a number of industries – finance, banking, energy, mining, public service and academia – approaching each one with curiosity, a keen eye for what’s possible and thinking outside of the obvious. Jules is also an accredited coach. 

As Head of Design and Innovation, Jules is here to develop our future focus and keep our eye on emerging trends in behavioural psychology, leadership and culture. She’ll take our research, data and programs to the next level by testing the boundaries of what we do now as well as what needs to come next.

Katie James
Katie James
Manager Client Delivery

Katie has a background in Sport Psychology with a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Psychology) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Sport Psychology, along with qualifications in coaching. As Manager Client Delivery, Katie enjoys building meaningful connections with Inkling’s participants through the delivery of Inkling’s coaching, leadership and development experiences.

Katie’s purpose and WHY lie in supporting others to reach their fullest potential. Her number one strength is ‘Individualisation’ which fuels her passion for learning about the unique qualities and strengths of others. She loves nothing more than to help others maximise their strengths, recognise the resources and capabilities they already possess, and equip them with evidence-based tools and techniques that they can implement to create sustained positive behaviour change.

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Simi Rayat
Facilitator and Executive Coach

Simi has a (healthy!) obsession to help leaders solve challenges and attain brilliance, on their leadership journey.

With over 15 years of business psychology consulting experience, Simi is an insightful specialist in shaping behaviour at the individual, group and organisational level. Known for creating ‘Ah haa’ moments for her clients, she specialises in the areas of psychological coaching and leadership development for executive, senior and emerging level leaders, for both public and private sector organisations in the UK and Australia.


Michelle Yeung
Michelle Yeung
Program Manager

Michelle has a background in learning and design specialised in effective team communication, human and soft skills training. She brings over 10 years of customer delivery team leadership experience and is committed to delivering outstanding program experiences for Inkling’s clients and participants.

Driven by her desire to help others grow and reach their full potential, Michelle is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and enjoys working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a Program Manager at Inkling, Michelle draws on her expert management and coordination skills, supporting our team to create structured and streamlined solutions, and helping our clients to achieve their organisational goals.

Libby Morrish
Senior Manager Finance and Operations

Libby is a Chartered Accountant who enjoys the gentle hum of a business that is running smoothly. She enjoys working with her intelligent, passionate and committed colleagues at Inkling, and is inspired by the work that Inkling does as she firmly believes that we all have the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

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Alana Raco
Program Manager

As a Program Manager, Alana brings her extensive organising, executing and listening skills to provide outstanding support to our clients and participants throughout their program journey, and helping us to create raving fans.

An out-of-the-box thinker, Alana delights in coordinating projects, enjoys problem-solving, and finding new and innovative ways for Inkling to deliver our impactful programs. Alana thrives when she is able to utilise her strategic and relationship-building strengths – strengths she has been able to play to throughout her career as an event coordinator in the leadership, not-for-profit and entertainment space – quickly earning the trust of those she works with and helping others to maximise their potential.


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Tyler Chen
Finance Assistant

As a Finance Assistant, Tyler supports our team by overseeing the majority of the accounts, helping to maintain our financial health and making sure we use our resources beneficially.

A keen and curious learner, Tyler has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), a Masters of Commerce (Finance), and is currently studying toward his CPA. Tyler takes a deliberate approach to his work and enjoys utilising his data and coding skills to help us simplify our workflows and present our data in useful and informative ways.

Hannah Forbes
Executive Assistant to CEO Sophie Hampel

Hannah builds rapport quickly, values developing genuine connections with others, and strives for excellence in all areas of her work. She relishes the opportunity to work in dynamic, fast-paced environments alongside equally passionate people. Hannah has worked in a variety of service sectors, including property, recruitment, and IT solutions. Her diverse background, coupled with her unique relationship building and influencing strengths, enable her to bring new and innovative ideas to problem-solving.

In her role as Executive Assistant, Hannah provides continuous support to the CEO as well as Inkling’s client delivery and operations teams, helping them meet deadlines and exceed client expectations. Challenge driven and forward-thinking, Hannah is passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for her team with unmatched levels of energy and enthusiasm.


Eleanor Langley
Eleanor Langley
Client Solutions and Engagement Specialist
Eleanor is a passionate person who loves to inject her colourful personality into everything she does. With a B.A. in Communication, Writing and Cultural Studies and more than five years’ experience working in marketing and events, Eleanor is a skilled communicator of ideas. She can quickly identify key messages and positioning, enjoys the creative process and always has an eye out for fresh strategies and client engagement initiatives.
As Client Solutions and Engagement Specialist at Inkling, Eleanor assists with the creation of solutions to meet our clients’ needs, coordinating virtual and in-person events, contributing to the ongoing development of our learning and thought leadership content, and ensuring that our internal and external client-facing collateral is up-to-date.


Ellie Somers
Marketing and Engagement Manager

Ellie’s a big picture thinker who’s fascinated by ethical matters, hidden meanings and the ever-changing ways in which today’s society is finding, consuming and sharing content. She’s an upbeat, glass-half-full kind of lady with infectious enthusiasm and a positive outlook on life, work and the future.

A life-long learner with an Honours B.A. in Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies, Ellie has a strong appreciation for diversity and building relationships with diverse communities, both in and out of work.  Ellie oversees the marketing function at Inkling and works cross-functionally with our Client Solutions and Engagement team. As Marketing and Engagement Manager, Ellie is responsible for building Inkling’s brand salience, market penetration and credibility across the growth journey, supporting the business to expand into new and existing customer segments and markets.