We exist to elevate humanity.

Shaping cultures where people and organisations can thrive and realise their potential

Inkling’s purpose is simple – to elevate humanity. Our story began in 2011 on an ‘inkling’ that our workplaces should be a place of deep growth, transformation, and meaningful contribution. Guided by our values and a vision to create a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive, we drive mindset and behaviour change at organisations around the globe, elevating the leadership of your people to the next level and helping you achieve your biggest goals and boldest transformations.

With diversity, equity, and inclusion woven into our DNA from the very beginning, we have been committed to breaking down ingrained and unhelpful ways that prevent inclusion and belonging, both individually and organisationally.

We offer a unique combination of science backed, values-based, and progressive thought leadership and learning design capability. Whether you’re looking to develop a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent, help your people keep up with the changing expectations of leadership, or embed a culture of greater psychological wellbeing — Inkling’s  solutions are adaptable and purpose-fit to meet your specific goals and strategic objectives

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Our team combines insight, creativity, data, and technology to help unlock growth potential that’s human-centred, transformative, and inspiring

We’re guided by a mission and set of values that are focused on a higher-order approach to growth. Our global footprint and network of coaches and facilitators enables us to bring the right people with the right experience together, to help create the sustained mindset and behaviour change needed to deliver on your purpose and goals.

When it comes to client partnerships, we bring authenticity, nuance and impact to everything we do

  • We adopt a curious and collaborative approach

    We are dedicated to understanding your unique context, listening attentively, and leveraging our expertise to collaboratively achieve the best outcomes together.

  • We bring structure, flexibility and a willingness to adapt

    We make things easy by handling project coordination, simplifying logistics, and offering customisable solutions, saving you time and costs.

  • Our evidence-based solutions are tailored to your culture and context

    We apply a scientific approach, leveraging psychology and behavioural science to drive organisational behaviour change, with clear metrics to track sustained results and measure ROI.

  • We bring your culture to life

    We capture hearts and minds by embodying our core values of growth, authenticity, connection and ownership to deliver learning moments that your people will carry with them throughout their lives and careers.

Values are what define our goals, attitudes, decisions, and our behaviour. We are here to make a meaningful contribution to the world, and we do it in a way that reflects what is important to us at Inkling

  • Growth - be brave

    We believe you need to lean into discomfort to grow and evolve.

  • Authenticity - be real

    We believe in taking off the armour to build trust and meaningful connection with others.

  • Connection - be open

    We believe in being present, curious, and open to establish deep connections with yourself and others.

  • Ownership - be accountable

    We believe in taking ownership for our own learning, energy, and actions.

Now is the time to be intentional about the future we’re creating. We’re here to help you unlock human potential and build inclusive, high-performance cultures.

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