A post on COURAGE from our CEO (Demo)

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By Gemma Munro

I have been reflecting on the concept of courage a lot lately. I was in London a week ago, eating fresh raspberries and drinking hot apple cider from Borough Markets when I looked up and saw this sign on a crumbling old building.

TAKE COURAGE, it told me.

I had just got to the end of a number of weeks where courage had been needed – in spades. And those weeks were scary, yes, but absolutely exhilarating. I’d pitched big ideas. Written big articles. Been interviewed for big awards. Flown in big planes. Celebrated the end of big women’s leadership programs. Run our first big workshop overseas.

And through all of the scary feelings – and acting in spite of them – I had realised something, well, big.

The achievements in my life that I am most proud of are only there because, somewhere along the way, I believed they were possible.

And, in every single case, I only believed they were possible after weeks, months and sometimes even years of doubt.

But through the doubt was something that kept driving me forward:


I have learned that we need to keep paying attention to what we really, truly desire (as opposed to what society expects of us – this is entirely different). Being unapologetic about what we want is key.

Also key is trust – that if we are open to admitting what we desire, and if we keep taking little baby steps towards it, somewhere along the way there will be a moment in time where we realise:

I CAN do this.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be hard work to do and huge fear to overcome.

But it does mean that the path towards achieving our desires will become clear to us. And that we will have developed the self-belief to take the very first step.

So, if you’re lacking in courage, my first question to you is:


Keep your attention on what you yearn for. Have faith that the means and the self-belief will become apparent at the exact right time. And when it does come – LEAP!

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