A big ring of fire announcement 🧡🔥

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Hey there,


Soph here with some big Inkling announcements to share with you today – all in the name of growth! Those who have worked with the Inkling team will know that our number one value is ‘Growth’ and we lovingly title this value: ‘stepping into the ring of fire’. It is also a guideline we set for every single person in our coaching and leadership programs. Why? Because it is ONLY by stepping into the ring of fire that you grow.

We are committed to assisting people get out of their comfort zone; a place that may seem safe, easy and reliable, but when assessed more closely, results in feelings of restlessness, boredom, cynicism, frustration and a lack of fulfilment. This is because we are not experiencing the exhilaration of growth; the fun, excitement and satisfaction that accompanies being on a growth path is linked to how, as humans, we are hardwired to seek challenges and contribution. Without growth we become stuck. Where, how and the focus of our growth will constantly change across our lifetime. It is our responsibility to keep asking ourselves ‘how do I need to grow right now?’ and then take aligned action.

So, this is where I get to the big announcements……It is because of this value at Inkling we find ourselves looking for ways to step into the ring of fire as a business, as a team and as individuals to fulfil our potential and to make a meaningful contribution.

In the name of growth, I would like to share a few small and LARGE changes we are making at Inkling.

1. Let’s start with the biggest announcement first: the wonderful Dr Gemma Munro, our Co-Founder, will be leaving Inkling to pursue her evolving passion in the spiritual mentoring space.

Gem has made a bold decision to practise what we teach by leaning into discomfort to explore what excites and scares her, and will be stepping away from Inkling at the end of 2019. This is a conversation Gem and I have been having for some time now, as the pull to a different type of work has been calling her. Her desire is to no longer work organisations and to focus more on individual spiritual work. We have agreed that the timing is right as we continue to grow in Sydney and the UK with strong, established and thriving team to support our growth plans. She will, nonetheless, be greatly missed.

I still remember how I got to meet Gem. I was at a BBQ and chatting to her brother who was telling me about his ‘badass’ sister that had a way of inspiring executive teams to make behaviour change. It was clear I had to meet her, and I asked for her number. I still remember the day we met for coffee for the first time and we instantly knew we were meant to work together.

Fast-forward nearly 10 years from that date and we have grown a business together, grown immensely as individuals (I was 25 and she was 31 at the time!) and together supported thousands of people around the world to grow. Gem has created a big and lasting ripple effect in the lives of so many people (including me), through the work we have done and continue to do.


A few words from Gem herself:

To the wonderful Inkling community,

Have you ever felt, deep in your bones, that it’s time to make a shift? It can be a terrifying feeling – sometimes we want to screw up our eyes, cover our ears with our hands and yell ‘la la la la!’ to block the growing awareness that change is brewing.

I was scared, for a while. But at some point, the fear transformed into a wonderful truth. Inkling was birthed in my bedroom eight years ago. For many years it had been a baby of a business, demanding my full attention and love. It went through its rambunctious toddler stage, its sweet and smiling child stage, its growing teenager phase, and now it is a deeply wise, enormously impactful young adult. Inkling is a wonder, thanks to my incredible business partner Soph and the marvellous Inkling team. I’m so insanely proud of the business it has become, and the global impact it has. And do you know what? It doesn’t need its original Mama anymore. It is time for me to step away. My mission has hit a bend in the road. It’s time to once again feel that naked-in-a-stiff-breeze, flying-with-what-wants-to-happen, follow-my-dreams kind of feeling. It’s time to birth something new: mentoring, speaking and writing with more of an intuitive + spiritual slant. 

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you for sharing the first eight years of Inkling. It has been a joy and an honour to work with you and learn from you. And an especial heartfelt thanks to all who are and have been part of the Inkling team since its inception in November 2011. What an adventure! What a group of inspiring, dedicated individuals! Inkling is in exceptionally talented hands.

With much love,


Gem – from all of us at Inkling and from the thousands of women & men you have made such an  impact on, we wish you all the successes and fulfilment in your big and exciting next step.  🧡

2. We have a number of wonderful team members moving into new roles:


🔸 Kelly Segatour powerhouse Head of Programs, is stepping up as Inkling COO. Kelly will continue to lead our Programs team and also take charge of Australian operations as we continue to expand and grow into the UK and APAC region.

🔸 Katrina Cole, our incredibly talented Marketing & Engagement Manager, will step into the role of Facilitator where she will be able to lean into her strengths and continue to wow our clients and participants with her warm, open and calming energy.


🔸 One of our beloved Program Managers, Kelly Graham-Sutton, has moved into our Growth team as a Client Solutions & Partnerships Manager. Kelly is an ‘ideas woman’ who has in-depth experience in designing and managing leadership development programs. 

🔸 Ellie Somers, our wonderful Marketing Coordinator who joined Inkling earlier this year, will be stepping up into a Marketing & Engagement Specialist role taking responsibility for the day to day marketing of Inkling’s public programs and supporting our continued growth.

🔸 Sarah Norsworthyour phenomenal and ultra-organised Program Support and Admin Coordinator, has stepped up as our Program & Office Manager where she will be overseeing our calendar of public programs across Australia and the UK.



Much love,


CEO & Co-Founder