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Gem here. I have a story to share with you that – truth be told – makes me feel a little vulnerable and wobbly. Last year I went through a bit of a tough time in my career. I learned a lot, especially when it comes to consistently ensuring you’re creating a career that feels meaningful and fulfilling. Today, you get to learn from my mistakes! In this episode of InklingTV, I’m sharing my three somewhat unexpected tips to build a career you’re passionate about … and how to keep doing this as the years go on.

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I want to thank you for being such a supportive community – I love our interactions. With this in mind, if you have any questions about how to create a fulfilling career I will be answering them on our Instagram channel via Insta story today at 3:30pm (Sydney time). If you’re not following us on Insta, here’s where to head! To get involved, watch our Instagram story today and you’ll be able to submit  your question in the pop-up box, and I’ll answer each and every one of your questions from 3:30pm.  Can’t make it? No problem! The story will be saved as a highlight on our Instagram for you to watch whenever you like. Look forward to seeing you then!

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