Tennis anyone?

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Hi folks,

Today I want to share an exercise with you called Vulnerability Tennis. Vulnerability is integral to creating psychological safety and belonging, two things that are sorely lacking in many modern organisations. By sharing truths about our experiences and lives, the right way, in the right context, we can establish strong connections and trust with those we work with.

To learn more about this, and how to play Vulnerability Tennis, click below.

If you try this exercise, please get in touch and let me know what this experience was like for you, I’d love to know.

Speak soon,

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Leaders who attend Ignite leave with:

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  • A clearer vision for the future and the motivation to seek and create opportunities to progress
  • More passion for their career

We can also run Ignite within your organisation! If you’d like to discuss this with us, please get in touch.

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The Inkling Team